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10 Mind Blowing Facts About the Clitoris You Need to Know

The average clitoris is 4 inches long with only ¼ of it outwardly visible.

The clitoris has 8000 nerve endings which is double that of the penis

The entire purpose of the clitoris is to bring women sexual pleasure

The clitoris is a different size and shape on each woman

50-75% need to have their clitoris touched to reach orgasm

The clitoris is constructed differently from a penis but still shares similarities such as a glans, a foreskin (the clitoral hood) and a shaft. It also swells when aroused.

The inner clitoris is shaped like a wishbone with the legs extending inside the vagina and connecting to every single structure in the genitals

Women whose clitoris is further away from their vaginal opening can have more difficulty reaching orgasm

You can’t rush the clitoris. Many women need 20-25 minutes of foreplay and stimulation before the clitoris becomes fully aroused, with some women needing 45 minutes.

The clitoris continues to grow throughout a woman’s lifetime, increasing 2.5 times or more between your teens and old age