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Three's Company: How To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Couple Time

We ladies love our bullets and rabbits and g-spot vibes. And while most of my Sapphic sisters seem to have very little problem bringing some store-bought fun into the bedroom, I am sensing a sad and vibeless theme from many of you who prefer a partner with a penis.

So, how do we go about introducing the joys of toys to a partner who may have never had the pleasure?

Here are some top picks from Betty’s Toy Box to get your man on board.

Optimale Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring 

Optimale Rechargeable Vibrating Cock RingThis ring by the experts at Doc Johnson has been getting a lot of buzz because it features a strong motor plus two flexible prongs that are aimed straight at the clitoris. It is made from stretchy silicone so it's easy to put on and non-porous, which means easy to get completely clean. Best of all, it's rechargeable so you're not at the mercy of a weak battery operated motor that will give out on you!

Ida Couples Massager with Remote by LELO 

LELO Ida Couples MassagerLelo is the Cadillac of sex toys and with IDA, we can see why. Expensive, yes, but this little beauty will appeal to his naughty side and his tech geek all in one. You wear it and he controls it, from as far as 36 meters (118 feet) away. Even if you never take the fun out of the bedroom, this baby delivers fantastic and powerful g-spot and clitoral massage for you, while he shares the fun of 8 synchronized rotation and vibration patterns during penetration. This toy is smaller than the pictures make it look, so fear not. There will be plenty of room for IDA and your man (no matter what he says)!

Magic Wand Original 

Do you remember chuckling over those “personal massagers” you could find in the Sears catalogue? Yep, this is the original. Even though it doesn’t go under the Hitachi name anymore, this is the classic at home massager/vibrator that has been gracing bedrooms and creating smiles for over 30 years. This is a toy to be reckoned with. For foreplay, there is probably nothing better to work out those kinks and sore muscles that can put a damper on your together time. For the main event, tread carefully because this thing has power. If you like a firm hand though, consider investing in some of the great g-spot and penetrative attachments that make this wand the one and only for so many couples.

We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibrator 

A bullet vibrator is great because it can fit between you and stimulate her clitoris and his penis without the commitment of either of you having to wear or insert anything. Any bullet vibrator is great for this technique but we love the We-Vibe Tango for its rumbly power. It’s the strongest bullet out there and beloved by many for its ease of use and non-porous surface. It’s a great toy to use on nipples or all over the body really but it is not a great shape for anal because it has no flare at the base to keep your sphincter from drawing it in too far (yes, that happens).

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