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Video Review of the Gee Whizzard Green Marble Magic Wand Attachment

Gee Whizzard Green Marble Attachment converts the Hitachi Magic Wand from an external massager to a powerful internal vaginal and g-spot stimulator.

Attachments designed to fit on the Hitachi Magic Wand. Silicone transmits vibrations beautifully, so now you can experience the thrill of clitoral, G-spot or anal vibrations, with the sensual feel of silicone. Here is our new G-spot attachment made especially for the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. The Gee Whizzard has a longer shaft with subtle humps and raised ridge for clitoral stimulation. Also, the new textured dome can be used for dual play with a partner or for clitoral and vulva stimulation. Gee Whizzard measures 5 inches long by 1.50 inches wide. Emerald Green Marble Attachment from Vixen Creations.
Video Transcript 

Hi there, it's Carolyn, Product Manager from Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to bring you a video that I had promised you when I did the video for the Magic Wand original. I talked about how you can get attachments that go on it and so I'm going to bring you one of my favorites that we carry on the site and this is it. It looks very strange when I'm holding it like this, but it is the G Whizzard Marbled Magic Wand Attachment.

So, this actually comes from a company called Vixen Creations and they make one of my favorite lines of dildos which is Vixskin. I did a video for the Vixskin Randy dildo and was raving about it. So, the reason I really like their Magic Wand attachments is because it's got the same beautiful silicone to it, which

makes it a really good high-quality attachment for your Magic Wand. It's the got the same kind of nice pliable material but it's also non-porous so you can you know when you take it off your

Magic Wand you can give it a good clean and you can even boil it which is important because Magic Wands cannot be near water. So, if you're putting an attachment on it then you've got something that can be taken off and be thoroughly cleaned.

So, I'm going to put the two together and you can kind of see how they work. So, if you didn't watch the other video this is a Magic Wand original. It's a plug-in clitoral vibe that's been around for over 30 years. It is a personal massager but it's also known to be the most powerful clitoral vibe out there on the market 

You can see obviously there are limitations to this product. It's got a PVC top on it on a slightly bendy head which is great, but you can't insert it and being a plug into the wall you have to be really careful with what you're doing with this.

It can't be near water, so some companies have been really clever about how to go above and beyond with your Magic Wand and make it even better than what it originally was.

So totally simple. You're just kind of like working it down over the head. It fits really nicely, kind of suctions on there. It doesn't really slip. It looks ridiculous I know but it doesn't really slip. If you hold it this way you can kind of see the potential for this.

Now the reason that I like this one is it is really bendy. I really like that, and it's got a nice little ridge here in the front as well, so this can be kind of hitting your clitoris while you're putting this in. It's also got the ridging on the bottom, so you've got your extra texture. You can reverse it. It's got all these beautiful little nubby balls on it that you can use and a whole bunch of different way 

So, I kind of I don't even know how to describe it. It looks like some kind of sea creature or something. But honestly, I absolutely love it and I'm going to put the Magic Wand on the lowest setting, so you can kind of hear it. It's still noisy if you're not familiar with the Magic Wand. You should know how noisy it actually is but worth every decibel. Here we go. The great thing that I love about this is because it's such a great high-quality silicone the vibration travels all the way through to the tip, so it makes this thing an incredibly powerful penetrative vibrator that has all the little extras that make it so wonderful. I mean they could have just had it be like - I've seen ones that are just rabbit ears or are just the little dildo, but they just went that extra mile to give it as many possibilities as they possibly could.

Here it is on high. The tip of my finger is vibrating like crazy. It just carries beautifully all the way through and like I said when you're done - there you go - comes off really easily. You can take this, go give it a really great wash. Again, it's silicone. Don't use silicone lube on this. Use a water-based lube. Silicone will disintegrate the silicone, so it'll become tacky it'll start to break down. So, use a great water-based lube with this and because it has a nice tight suction on to the Magic Wand I don't find that you really get any Lube or anything in there which is fantastic. And then just take it off. Give it a wash and then you're good to go again.

So, there you go Magic Wand attachment this is by Vixen Creations. It's called the Gee Whizzard green marble Magic Wand attachment and I highly recommend it. It's my absolute favorite. I've recommended it to other reviewers as well who are looking for good quality. Because again - materials are very important. You want a good quality silicone for something that's going to be going into your body; something that can be washed.

So, there you go. This is my recommendation for a Magic Wand attachment the Gee Whizzard.

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