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7 Women Run Sex Toy Companies You Can Support During Women’s History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, we at Betty's wanted to talk about women led pleasure product companies who are forever changing the traditionally male run world of sex toys. With a focus on education, ending stigma, and opening up pleasure to all bodies, these are 7 women - and their companies - that Betty's is incredibly proud to support. 

Alex Fine of Dame products in profile wearing glasses and smiling

Founded in 2014 by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman, Dame Products’ primary focus was on closing the pleasure gap. Citing studies which showed that women report “less satisfaction with sexual activity than men with less pleasure, less arousal, and fewer orgasms,” Dame launched their first couples pleasure product, the Eva which remains the most crowdfunded sex toy in history. Their second product Fin was the first sex toy allowed on Kickstarter.

In 2019 Dame continued the good fight by suing the NYC subway transit authority for discrimination in advertising. This earned them the attention of national media such as the New York Times, The Today Show, Vice, Forbes, and more.

Since then, Dame hasn’t looked back, releasing a full and diverse line of pleasure products for couple and solo pleasure. Their newest release is a wand called Com which is thoughtfully engineered to be both powerful and accessible.

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Lora DiCarlo on a yellow background holding the Ose

Lora Haddock DiCarlo founded her namesake company in 2017 by developing a partnership with Oregon State University's Robotics & Engineering Lab and creasing the Osé, and adjustable dual stimulation vibrator. The Osé went on to win a coveted robotics innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association only to have the reward later rescinded due to the product’s sexual nature. This kickstarted a critical public conversation about gender equity in tech and the right to pleasure for all people.

Since then, Lora DiCarlo has brought on actress, model, and activist Cara Delevingne as Co-Owner and Creative Advisor. Together, they have voiced a strong commitment to lessening the orgasms gap and moving towards a world where “all humans can embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence.”

Their newest line of products features innovative warming technology and a gender-neutral design that makes each piece perfect for couples or solo play.

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Intimacy coach and international keynote speaker Maureen Pollack invented the WaterSlyde, Lovability’s non-powered, ground-breaking water driven stimulator, to help women own their sexual power and feel confident and comfortable in their most intimate of moments. Maureen’s mission is to remove the stigma around sexual health and personal hygiene, empowering women of all ages to own their unique beauty and expressions of self-love. 

With its patented design, the Waterslyde has become the only item of its kind, harnessing the power of the water from your bathtub tap and turning it into a hands-free, gentle, and non-vibrational stimulator. Discreet, easy-to-use, Waterslyde has garnered attention from publications like Cosmo, Glamour, Shape, Buzzfeed and many more

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Nancy Weisman founded Bananapants in 2018 after a “long, colorful career” with ESPN the Magazine after seeing a gap in the sex toy market when it came to partnered strap-on play. Many traditional strap-on harnesses and dildos allowed very little in the way or cushioning or stimulation for the person wearing the harness, leading to discomfort or even pelvic bruising. Nancy aimed to change that, bringing a level of comfort, fun, pleasure, and ease to people’s strap-on game.

Bananapants’ first creation was the bumpher, designed to fit over a dildo base and add not only cushioning, but some non-vibrational stimulation to the wearer. After the immediate success of the bumper, Banapants went on to release the b.cush, shagger, and the honeybunch, offering a variety of ways for couples to elevate their strap-on play.

With a mission to “create unique toys that make life better in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy a shag),” we expect more great things in the future from this new and creative founder.

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Emily Sauer founded Ohnut for very personal reasons. As she explains, “People are always hesitant to ask me why I created Ohnut. Because I needed it! I always assumed sex was supposed to be painful sometimes, so for years I worked around it and never spoke up… until finally the physical discomfort from sex made me feel like a failure—to myself and my partner. So, when I came up with the crazy idea to put a pink frosted donut on a penis... everything changed.  I experienced not only physical relief but an emotional upheaval. I finally realized that it wasn’t my fault.”

Ohnut has been revolutionary in the sex toy and sexual wellness world since its invention. A set of four stretchy, circular rings, Ohnut can fit over a penis or a penetrative sex toy creating a buffer that stops over-insertion and too-deep penetration causing pain. With new sizes and colors recently released and countless positive reviews, Ohnut has become a fundamental tool in the sexual wellness world.

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If you own a vibrator or couples sex toy, you may have Susan Colvin to thank for it. As founder and CEO of CalExotics, one of the largest pleasure product companies in the world, Susan revolutionized the way toys were designed and marketed for the female body and couples.

In her over 20-year tenure at the helm, CalExotics has been an innovator, intruding rechargeable and waterproof technology, as well as moving toys towards more colorful, sophisticated, and unique designs for both singles and couples. As she explains, “I believe the sexual health products we create are part of a holistic plan to cultivate a happier you. “

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With over 16 years in the pleasure products industry, Alicia Sinclair is the Founder and Managing Director of COTR’s award-winning and critically acclaimed brands Le Wand MassagerB-Vibe Anal Toys, and the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine. Designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, the entire COTR brand embraces and champions education, intimacy, and pleasure.

A certified sex educator, Alicia believes that “everyone has a right to experience pleasure, to feel good about their sexuality, and to love their body.” With products ranging from wands, to butt plugs, to sex machines, COTR continues to be a world leader in high quality, innovative, and inclusive pleasure products.

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