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10 Sex Bloggers Name Their Favorite Sex Toys

With each passing year, hundreds more new and innovative sex toys come on to the market, making it more and more difficult to figure out where to spend your hard earned fun money. That’s where the experts come in. There are fearless bloggers out there who have devoted their lives to testing and writing about as many sex toys as possible. It’s a touch job but somebody has to do it!

That’s why we decided to ask some of our favorite and most trusted sex bloggers what their all-time #1 sex toy is. What do they reach for the most? Which toys, for them, shine above all the rest. Here’s what they had to say…


Miss Ruby of Miss Ruby Reviews

My favourite toy is definitely the We-Vibe Tango. For something so tiny, it delivers an impressive amount of power, more than I’ve experienced with any other bullet vibe. It’s pin-point, rumbly, waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe and even fits into bullet-compatible dildos. What’s not to love? If you're looking to buy it, I’d definitely go for the blue – it’s perfect. 

You can buy the We-Vibe Tango HERE

A little bit about Miss Ruby: Feminist sex toy reviewer and dildographer at . Also an ardent lover of chocolate and cats. 


Girl on the Net

My favourite in the whole world is the Doxy Massager. It's genuinely the best toy I have ever owned and if anyone were to try and take it away from me I would howl like a kid being dragged from a sweet shop. “This is not a gentle toy. This is not a ‘discreet’ toy. This is what would happen if you mated a vibrator with a jet engine: industrial hardware for your cunt.""

You can buy the Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand HERE

A little bit about Girl on the Net:  London-based sex blogger, writer and person-who-rants-when-drunk. Frequently NSFW. Now in book form: 


Dizzygirl of Toy Meets Girl Reviews

The Jopen Lust L2 is a vibe that I reach for time and again. It's damn near perfect. The price is not outrageous and it has everything I look for in a clit vibe – strong and rumbly vibration, body-safe silicone, waterproof, rechargeable and it even has a travel lock. It's small, quiet and discreet and never fails to satisfy me.

You can buy the Jopen Lust L2 HERE

You can read Dizzygirl's full review of the Jopen Lust L2 HERE

A bit about Dizzygirl of Toy Meets Girl: Painfully average middle age married woman in middle America, giving you honest sex toy reviews without the bullshit.


Lexi of Deviant Kitten

My favourite is the We-Vibe Touch. The Touch is my go-to clit vibe. I adore the silicone coating; it’s the reason I prefer it over the We-Vibe Tango. When I apply pressure the rumbly vibrations don’t dampen too much and it doesn’t hurt my clit like other vibrators do.

You can buy the We-Vibe Touch HERE

A bit about Lexi of Deviant Kitten: Queer, voluntary cat servant, rat mum, mermaid lady & sex toy reviewer.


Emmeline Peaches

The LELO Smart Wand. This wand is a powerhouse by every definition of the term. I’ve never known a toy so deeply and rumbly in my entire time as a reviewer and it never fails to bring me to orgasm. Granted, it can play by its own rules at times but the rewards for conquering it are many.

You can buy the LELO Smart Wand HERE

A bit about Emmeline Peaches: An adult product reviewer. Passionate about providing the honest reviews for a wide range of products.


Epiphora of Hey Epiphora

Although marketed as a G-spot toy, the LELO Mona 2  is one of the best things to ever come in contact with my clit. It's a deceptively simple-looking vibrator, but it succeeds precisely because it gets everything right: it's rechargeable, it's strong and rumbly, it's waterproof, and its shape is awesome both internally and externally. I love how the slightly pointed tip nestles against my clit, and how I can gradually increase the vibration strength as I go. I love mine so much I have two back-up Monas

Read Epiphora’s full review of the LELO Mona 2 HERE 

You can buy the LELO Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator HERE

A bit about Epiphora of Hey Epiphora: Writer of snarky, relentlessly honest sex toy reviews for over 7 years. I have a very discerning vagina


Cara Sutra

Doxy Wand's the most powerful wand vibrator I've ever tried - and I've tried a lot, including the LELO Smart Wands, the Adam & Eve Wand and the Hitachi. It's simple to use, plug in and go. The Doxy Wand delivers incredible power at a variety of settings. It does the job! Unlike other sex toys which often try to be over-complex, confusing or just promise more than they actually deliver, the Doxy Wand provides intense orgasms in a matter of seconds (or if I prefer, drawn out orgasms in a self-pleasure or sex with a partner setting, at a lower speed or on pulse). 

You can buy the Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand HERE

A bit about Cara Sutra: Blogger, writer, dildo diddler. Not safe for anything, especially polite company. Won some awards. Made a bondage kit. Will defend my kinks to the little death.


Artemisia FemmeCock

My favorite toy is, hands-down, the We-Vibe Tango. I used to be a disbeliever. I used to think $80 was a ridiculous price for a bullet vibe, even after hearing reviewer after reviewer praise it. Since trying it though, the Tango is my save-from-a-fire, desert island toy. It's a commendably strong, rumbly, pin-point vibrator, which is everything my clit needs.

You can buy the We-Vibe Tango HERE

A bit about Artemisia FemmeCock: A kinky, queer, femme-dyke's thoughts on sex and sex toys. Writer. Photographer. Glitter Enthusiast


Kayla Lords of A Sexual Being

My absolute fave toy is the Magic Wand (aka the Hitachi). It allows me to have massive orgasms that are both pleasurable and (when they’re forced) painful. I get the best of all worlds – big, wet orgasms, pleasurable pain (I’m a masochist), and the exhaustion that comes with being spent J

You can buy the Magic Wand Unplugged Rechargeable Massager HERE or you can get the Magic Wand Original HERE

A bit about Kayla Lords: Freelance writer, sex blogger, independently published erotica author, sexual being, living and loving the BDSM lifestyle.


Naughty Reenie

Siri 2 is not the most powerful vibration-wise, but it is the most powerful when it comes to dominating over other vibrators. It is the easiest to hold, easiest to use, and easiest to carry around. It also has that perfect mix of vibration between the hammering rumbly ones and the buzzy ones. On top of this, the vibration range is so wide that it can be used starting from warmup until all the way up to an orgasm. No other vibrators have ever carried this perfect mix of everything into one single small body.

You can buy the Siri 2 Palm Sized Music Vibrator by LELO HERE

A bit about Naughty Reenie: A sex toy reviewer building a Sex Toy Empire - Sextopia. I also love anything with cats and stuffed animals.

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