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Avant Colorful Silicone Butt Plugs by Blush Video Review

Join Betty's manager for a look at these silky soft and vibrantly colored butt plugs by Blush. From timid beginner to anal expert you're going to love these 4 stunning plugs, each in a different size shaped to give you those intense anal feelings you crave. See the line at the link below

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's. And today we're going to take a look at some gorgeous new butt plugs that we just got in from Blush. These are part of their new Avant line.

So, let's take a look, because these are absolutely stunning. So, we have four in total. These are the first two. These are the non-vibrating. So, let's start with Kaleido. So, as you can see, it has this absolutely stunning color to it and a very flexible base. Now, it's a great beginner plug because the tip is smaller and you're going to go through the sphincter muscle there, and then you're going to give it another push and then it's going to go up to there. So, you can go in and out here or you can push all the way through. The great thing about all these plugs that I'm going to show you is that they're silicone.

So, they're boil and body safe and all those wonderful things that you really want in an anal toy in particular. So, the other thing I really like about these is the flexibility of the base makes it really comfy for long term wear. So, if you're somebody who wants to experiment with that, maybe keeping it in for a while. This is a really great plug to do that with, but the base is also incredibly long. So even though it's flexible, you're not going to have to be worried about over insertion and losing it. It's got a really good base and you can put this like, you know, between your cheeks and then have this in there for a really long time. So, this is Kaleido and then you saw Twilight. So, all the same fantastic features, silicone, great base, look it up close. Isn't that just a stunner.

And then with this too, as you can see, it's a little bit shorter, but it has even more of that texture. So, you're going to feel that on your ring of muscle, as you go in and out: another great long term wear base another stunner. Now next one, look at this. This is Free Spirit. Isn't that a beauty. Now this one vibrates. So, it has a battery-operated bullet in the base. You pop in an AAA battery and then a press of the button is going to set it vibrating, and you have got 10 different functions of different levels and then different patterns

And then hold it down and it is going to turn off again. So, this has the same, really great base. This base is a little firmer than on the other two. Okay. Because it has to house the bullet that's in there and the tip is larger, right? With a point to it, but it has some flexibility as well. So, if you want to challenge yourself, this is a bigger plug obviously, but still with that nice gentle tip for easy insertion. And then that really great wide base: look at that. Is not that just gorgeous.

Okay. And now we have our last but not least. This is Vibrotize. This one is rechargeable actually. So, on the bottom you have your buttons. It has a magnetic recharging cord that it comes with. It looks like this. Okay. And actually, their cord is actual cord. So, they're using less plastic in their rechargeable cord pieces, which is great.

This is also silicone. And look at those colors. You have a really nice big sturdy base on this, on this one with some flexibility. Okay. And then you've got a plus and a minus. So, if you hold down the plus button, you have to hold it for a little while. Then it's going to start to vibrate. This has a really deep rumbly vibration that you can feel all the way to the tip. And then you're going to go up. And this also has 10 different functions and it's super quiet. Both of these have really quiet motors. I'm super impressed. Then if you want to go back down, you press the minus button and you're going to go back down through your patterns or you can hold it and that's going to turn it off. Okay. So, this obviously has a really long with the slim, but it's going to have a long slide as you put it in there.

These are just the most stunning little plugs in the Avant line from Blush. And I'm absolutely thrilled with them. They're all washable. They are all silicone, and you can get them all at Betty's.

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