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Behind the Scenes with Betty: Meet Jade from Sensuva

At Betty's, we spend a lot of time picking the best quality products to bring to our customers and that means working with the best brands in the pleasure products industry. Betty's Behind the Scenes gives you a peek behind the curtain at some of our favorite brands and the companies and people who make them great.

Today we speak with Jade from Sensuva

Why don’t you start by telling us a little about yourself and how you came to be in this industry?

Well, you can call me Jade and I would say I’m a sex knowledge explorer, pleasure products fan and a self-love promoter. But, the title that pays the bills is sex educator and doing sales with Sensuva.

I kind of fell into this industry since I was trying to make some extra cash on the side without it being a conflict of interest with my day job.  So naturally, I started working in an adult boutique. 

Little did I know, it would change my entire life. I found my calling and I loved being able to grow with my customers on their journey of sexuality. I kept thinking that eventually I'd move on but here I am a decade later, loving life and watching this industry turn into something amazing.

What do you love about working for Sensuva?

So many reasons! But, the main reason I love working with Sensuva is being able to spread the word on such a vast range of products that might just fit perfectly with a person’s needs.

Also, the amount of testimonials I used to encounter first hand prior to even working with Sensuva was so vast.  Senuva’s flagship product ON Arousal Oil has enhanced the lives of so many vulva owners to reach that big O. Definitely worth it and makes my day brighter.


In your own words, why should everybody have personal lubricant on hand?

Everyone should have a personal lubricant on standby just as much as having a bottle of body lotion around. Not everyday your skin will be dry, but in the instances that you do need to moisturize & decrease irritation, you’ll have it. The stigma of using lubricant as if its a crutch instead of a regular condiment on the sex menu needs to be crushed. Lubricant is the cousin of lotion, if your body is feeling a bit dry, you automatically want to put lotion on your skin, same thing should go for your private parts.  Except not only does lubricant moisturize like it’s counterpart, it enhances the experience and comes in a variety of flavors and arousal effects to mix things up.

How can I find the perfect lubricant for my needs?

Finding the perfect lubricant comes with a little trial and error, open mindedness with a splash of patience. Every body is perfectly unique like a snowflake and what might work for one person might not strike another person’s fancy.

Always remember, Not all lubes are created equal. Just because you tried one water based lubricant that dried up within seconds doesn’t mean all water based lubes will be the same. 

Rules of thumb!

  • There are different categories of lube and specify what it’s main ingredient is such as: Water-based, Aloe-based, Silicone-based and Oil based! You may even find some called hybrids and those are usually a mix between the ones just mentioned.
  • If you’re going to be using condoms or sex toys that are Latex or made of rubber, steer clear of oil based lubricants. They are not friends. Oils plus friction will break latex condoms which defeats the purpose of safe sex.
  • Not all materials that sex toys are made of are compatible with lubricants. Using the wrong lubricant will break down the sex toy’s material over time. Stick to a water-based or aloe based lubricant to be safe. Unless the toy is made from glass, acrylic or stainless steel and you have more options. Downside to Water-Based lubricants, you’ll have to reapply more in comparison to a silicone.
  • If you want a lubricant that will last longer and can be used in the shower or for waterplay, try a silicone! But, keep in mind they do stain sheets and have a tendency to require a bit more patience to take it off (think lots of soap and water!). 
  • Everyone’s body is different, what may work for one person might not work for someone else. You may even have an allergic reaction. Try doing a small test patch on your skin, like your inner labia lips or in your armpit. Leave a small dollop of lube on your skin and see if you have any visible reactions.

What is the deal with glycerin in lubes? Is it safe or not?

There is a lot of information out there regarding glycerin. It’s really hit or miss. But, I like to think of glycerin like ingredients in your everyday food and allergies. If you put bad quality food in your body, you might not feel so good. Same should go for glycerin. 

Glycerin is composed from vegetable oil, petroleum or animal fats and once it goes through a process where the fatty acids are separated from it, what’s left is glycerin.  Sometimes low-grade glycerin will still have fatty acids left behind and that could possibly cause vaginal issues to those who are susceptible to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. 

Using questionable moisturizers that contain glycerin may disrupt the vagina’s magical ecosystem.  This is where the line “quality over quantity” is perfect while shopping for a new lube. Getting a quality lubricant makes all the difference instead of grabbing whatever is cheaper. 

If you like to be safe than sorry while testing out new lubes, then just stick to a glycerin free lubricant. You never know if you are the one of the few that a lubricant will not agree with your vagina’s ecosystem.

Can you explain what clitoral stimulation gels and oils are all about?

Clitoral stimulation products come in many forms such as gel, oil, balm, and creams. There is often a bit of confusion and sometimes clitoral stimulants are mistaken as a lubricant which is for decreasing friction. Clitoral stimulants are like a huge megaphone, telling your blood flow to come over and party.  These stimulants reroute the blood flow to the clitoris both internally and externally. Since, blood flow equals sensation to the amazing clitoris, that will just put the pedal to the metal with your orgasm. They boost and enhance the area to create a stronger, more intense orgasm.

What is a delay spray and what can it do for the penis?

Delay sprays are a great short team solution for penis owners who might be “sprinters”.  These sprays (gels and creams) are meant to decrease the sensation on the top layer of skin to reduce the chances of premature ejaculation. 

What is your favorite lube flavor? Or which lube flavor do you wish Sensuva would invent?

Blueberry Muffin! Sensuva’s hybrid which is a mix of water and a pinch of silicone has always been a tasty treat and a favorite to many for the past couple years. It doesn’t have a weird aftertaste and is such a unique flavor  to bring into the bedroom. 

But, if I could drop a note in the suggestion box, I would love a passion fruit and guava flavored lube. It would go lovely with Sensuva’s new Exotic Coconut flavored water based lubricant. 

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one Sensuva product and 1 sex toy, what would they be?

Oh man, this one had me thinking and honestly is probably a great conversation starter with a group of friends. My first answer would be our Flirtatious Body Sprays in the unique “Pomegranate, Fig, Coconut, Plumeria” scent, because I feel like I would be a hot mess and I wouldn’t want to smell, even if it was just me on the island. As for a sex toy, it would be Cal Exotics Boundless Shibari Rope in Yellow, I could do wonders with this. I could build a raft to float away or a hut to sleep in. My brain just went in the Macgyver mode and with that rope the options would be endless. 

But, my final answer would be Handipop Edible Massage Gel in Mango Smoothie to stick with a tropical theme.  Handipop tastes amazing and would end up being a snack. Haha It’s great for oral activities but in a pinch you can use it as a lubricant. 

As for the toy, I’d say Pillow Talk by BMS Factory’s Sultry Warming Double Ended Wand Vibrator since it’s a multi-tasking queen. It’d keep me warm if there were any cold nights since it has a warming element, along with having a oscillating feature on one end of the toy.  On top of those two features it also vibrates on both ends. With that many features, you won’t mind being stranded on a deserted island for quite some time… well, until maybe the rechargeable battery dies. :P

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