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It may seem like pegging is suddenly all the rage, but we here at Betty’s know that folks have been engaging in some booty love since the beginning of time. Now that the taboo is finally lifting, we couldn’t be happier to shout from the rooftops that anal play can be a fun and sexually fulfilling addition to your sexual repertoire whether you’re playing solo or as a couple.

Whether you’re new to anal play or a seasoned pro, we decided to put together a list of our 10 bestselling anal toys so you can see what your fellow back door enthusiasts are using and maybe discover something new for yourselves.


Sliquid Naturals Sassy Water Based Anal Lubricant - Various Sizes


This is hands down our bestseller for anything having to do with booty play and we couldn’t be happier. Sliquid Sassy is made with superior ingredients and is formulated to be thicker than regular water-based lube, giving it a more cushiony feel. Not only does this add to the comfort of the person being penetrated, this formulation lasts longer before drying out so you can really take your time preparing for penetration. The fact that enough of you are using this fantastic anal play lube to make it a #1 bestseller also just shows how smart the average Betty’s customer is.


Icicles No. 76 Red Rose Glass Butt Plug


This stunning plug is a bestseller for so many reasons. It is a gorgeous surprise peeking out between the cheeks for sure, but because it is made of glass, it is also body safe, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and non-porous. All super important qualities in any anal toy. Its demure size makes for easy insertion and comfortable wear plus the lovely packaging makes it the perfect gift.


Fun Factory Bootie Plug – Small

At first glance this may seem like any other anal plug but let us tell you why it’s anything but. Bootie Plug small is the perfect plug for trying out long-term wear. If you have fantasized about wearing a butt plug out to the club, on a date, or even to work, this is the plug to start with. The base is flared so it won’t accidentally insert too far, yet the way it is flared fits snugly and comfortably between the butt cheeks for optimal comfort. At the same time, the curved tip gives that little extra internal nudge of pleasure to remind you it is there in the most delicious way.


Firefly Prince Glow in the Dark Silicone Butt Plug by NS Novelties - Small

This cute plug became a bestseller as soon as it was released and it’s no wonder. It glows in the dark! How fun is that? And it’s silicone, so the material is body safe, non-porous, and easy to disinfect. But we think the best part of this plug is the ring on the base. That little ring plus the tapered tip means you can gently tease your partner by pulling it in and out easily, which can create some delicious sensations.


Rianne S 3 Piece Silicone Booty Plug with Gem Set - Black

This set has style and substance, so it’s no wonder it flies out of the store. The lovely packaging makes it the perfect gift, and the sleek black silicone plugs are graduated so you can work your way up through the sizes. Each has a different colored crystal on the end as well, making them the perfect erotic surprise for your partner during your next tryst.  


Intro to Prostate Kit 4 Piece Silicone – Black

For those wanting to explore prostate play, you simply can’t get more bang for your buck than with this kit. All bodies are different and there is no one stimulator that will work for everybody, so this kit includes 4 different styles of prostate stimulators from entry level plugs to a powerful vibrator. Plus, it includes a free download that helps you along your journey of prostate exploration.



My Secret Silicone Rechargeable Remote-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug by Screaming O – Pink

This is a fantastic couple’s toy because it includes a wireless remote control that works from up to 40 feet away for some fantastic teasing. The tapered shape makes it easy to wear, plus it has some flexibility since it is silicone and because it is waterproof you can play in the tub or shower too! It is rechargeable, so you can play 60 minutes on a single charge.


Thunderplugs Vibrating & Squirming Silicone Plug with Remote Control

For anybody more experienced with anal play, this plug became a must-have as soon as it was released. With 6.5 inches of insertable length and 1.75 inches in width, the appeal of this Thunderplug is not just it size but what it can do. This plug boasts 3 levels and 5 patterns of vibration as well as 5 speeds of wriggling and writhing. In addition, the 5 bulbs in the shape move back and forth inside you as you use it. Check out the video on the Thunderplugs product page to get an idea of exactly what we mean. This is a next level toy for the anally experienced.


Luxe Silicone 10 Anal Beads by Blush Novelties

Anal beads offer a completely unique sensation because, unlike butt plugs, they are meant to be taken in and out. These Luxe beads are body safe, flexible silicone so you can feel safe slowly easing them in one bead at a time, and completely confident when it comes time to take them out. Fast or slow, it’s up to you but these are the ultimate choice in anal beads for the majority of Betty’s booty lovers.


Luxe Wearable Silicone Vibra Butt Plug by Blush - Black

Don’t let the name fool you, this plug works without batteries or power of any kind and it is amazing. The plug contains inner bearings that shift and move whenever you do, delivering delicious sensations. Betty’s customers seem to love this larger, more bulbous version which is slightly more advanced, but there is also a Vibra Plug Small and Vibra Plug Medium  for anybody looking for a beginner size.  The shape of the base is flared but slender making these perfectly comfortable for long term wear.

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