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Betty’s live chat is always buzzing with customers wanting a one on one with our experienced staff members. Here’s our top 10 live chat questions, because we know you’re dying to find out.


  1. I don’t know where to start. What should I do?

Often when customers tell us this, they do have some idea of what they would like – even if it’s something as vague as “a good vibrator” or “something to masturbate with”. Betty’s website is set up with detailed categories and a search function so that you can browse the areas that appeal to you. If you’re still stuck, hop on the live chat or visit our Betty’s Buzz Blog where we have articles on all kinds of topics to get you started.


  1. Can you swallow the lubricant for the squirting dildos?

Squirting dildos work best with a silicone/water hybrid lubricant which mimics the look of real ejaculate. All the brands we carry are safe to ingest in limited quantities, with POP Lubricant by Sliquid being our absolute favorite with its natural, high quality ingredients. What is a limited quantity? We recommend keeping it under a few teaspoons at a time, simply because you don’t want unpleasant digestive after effects from ingesting too much of a slippery substance. Slippery going in, slippery coming out if you know what we mean.


  1. Does the foreskin on the uncut dildos move like real foreskin?

The answer to that is yes and no. There are NO silicone uncut dildos with moving foreskin. Dildos like the Tantus Uncuts, Fuze Foreman Dildo, and even the Pierre Packers all have an uncut appearance, but the foreskin is fused to the shaft of the toy. The reason for this is because silicone doesn’t like to slide against silicone without fusing together, making a moving foreskin a design nightmare for companies. Pipedream Products created the King Cock Uncut line of dildos which, for the first time, DO slide like real foreskin at the tip and all along the shaft. These dildos are made of PVC which is a porous material and not suitable for people with material sensitivities, but with a good water-based lubricant and some diligent cleaning they are the most realistic on the market. 

  1. How does a squirting dildo function?

There are 3 types of squirting dildos but they all work on the idea that you fill them with liquid, usually realistic looking lubricant, then squirt the liquid out during play. The most common type is the tube and bulb/syringe style like the POP Semenette dildo. You fill the bulb or syringe with your liquid, attach the hose and then squeeze or plunge with some force to get the liquid to shoot out the tip. The King Cock Squiring Dildos have a removable bulb on their base. You unscrew it, fill it with liquid, then reattach and squeeze hard to get it to work. Lastly, there are what we like to think of as the turkey baster style like the Natural Realskin which work by squeezing the balls, then dipping the tip of the dildo in your chosen liquid and releasing the balls, letting the tip suck up the liquid – the same as using a turkey baster! A firm squeeze to the balls creates the ejaculation.



  1. I want to introduce my man to pegging. Should I start with plugs?

Butt plugs are a great introduction to anal play but there are also some very slim dildos that are a wonderful lead up to pegging play. The Please Slim Anal dildo is smooth and has a harness compatible blared base which is perfect for pegging. It is about the width of one finger so it is even slimmer than some butt plugs! Just remember to experiment with only anal friendly toys; non-porous materials with a flared base, ring, or stopper.


  1. What is the best size dildo for a beginner.

This is a loaded question because there are so many variables. We have a complete guide to choosing a dildo on our website and suggest you get out a measuring tape to figure out what you may enjoy. If you have ever used a vibrator, your fingers, or anything else for penetration, measure it and see what size you were dealing with. Did you like the size or do you want bigger? Or smaller? Once you figure that out, you can see the measurements on each dildo’s product and pick the right one for you!


  1. Which squirting dido is good in a harness

We get asked this a lot because squirting dildos are ideal for partner play with a harness and yet, not all squirting dildos can be worn that way. POP Semenette is the ONLY squirting dildo that had harness play in mind when it was created. The tubing is tucked away into the base so that it won’t get pinched or blocked when used in harness play. The Squirting Realistic Cock line and the Titanmen Piss Off also have harness compatibility although must be careful about where the tubing is placed so it doesn’t get crushed. They also tend to be very heavy so you need a substantial harness to hold them upright, like the Terra Firma Harness.


  1. I haven’t received my tracking number

We get so many emails and chat requests on this topic that we thought we would outline a couple of issues that may stand between you and your parcel’s tracking number. The first would be this: check your spam folder for the email. Your email system may think it’s doing you a favor with its filtering but often, that’s where tracking emails end up. Our second suggestion is to make sure you left us an email to begin with. We don’t share our email lists, so your information is perfectly safe with us.


  1. Is this question too embarrassing or too unusual?

Absolutely not. We serve customers all the time with very specific needs or challenges including, but not limited to, mobility issues, menopause symptoms, erectile difficulties, larger bodies, vaginal atrophy or dryness, gender transitioning, same sex couples, and the list goes on. We really do have something for every body and we can help you find what works for you.

    10.   Would you like to see a picture of my penis/Can you show me a picture of you naked?

We get these messages a lot, usually in the middle of the night. The answer is no. Just no. While we love being on the live chat and helping our customers, please be respectful.


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