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Betty's Favorite Pleasure Products of 2019 Chosen by Our Expert Staff

At Betty’s, we don’t believe in a “best” sex toy of the year, because every body is different and we all find different sensations pleasurable. But, do we have favorites? You bet we do. So, let’s look at which toys our staff loved in 2019 and why.

Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure Double Ended Vibrator by Pipedream

This triple threat of a vibrator also got our staff vote for the strangest looking pleasure product of the year but the minute we turned it on, we knew the Ultimate Pleasure was going to be a hit. The body of this toy is a powerful vibrator with a fantastic g-spot curve at one end. The other end features a flickering tongue and removable pussy pump cone so you can experiment with a huge variety of sensation and stimulation. Use the flickering tongue with the pump or take off the cone and let the tongue go to work on your nipples, clitoris or anywhere else you can think of. This toy is one wild ride!


Aria Flutter Tongue Silicone Clitoral Vibrator by Blush



Tongue toys were all the rage this year, but this Aria Flutter Tongue wowed us with its compact size, discreet appearance, and affordable price tag. We loved this product for foreplay on the nipples and clitoris, but the best feature is that Flutter Tongue is fully waterproof, and it feels AMAZING in the tub.


Palm Power Extreme Rechargeable Wand Vibrator



Palm Power wands have been a favorite at Betty’s for years, but this Palm Power Extreme took the brand to a whole new level. The angled handle on this wand makes it easier to use and more accessible for anybody with mobility issues and the power it wields is amazing. If you’re a fan of wands but want something more compact and easier to handle, this Palm Power Extreme will please even the most demanding power queen.


We-Vibe Melt Rechargeable Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator


Toys that pulse air onto the clitoris have been around a few years now and we absolutely love them. Then We-Vibe Melt came along and we fell in love all over again. What makes Melt different from all the others? Two things: shape and power. Melt is sleek and simple, with only two buttons for scrolling up and down in intensity levels plus you can control it through a smart phone app if you choose. The shallow curve of the neck and slim handle also make it the perfect size to slip in between two bodies comfortably. Melt doesn’t skimp in power though. With 12 setting to play with, you can go from light tease to toe curling sensation in a matter of seconds. This is exactly why We-Vibe are the couples’ play specialists and why our staff couldn’t stop raving about Melt.


We-Vibe Moxie Hands-Free Remote or App Controlled Wearable Vibrator

Panty vibes have been around for a long time but were often cheap, weak, or difficult to keep in place. We-Vibe changed all that with the release of Moxie: a powerful, remote control, easy-to-use vibe that fits into your own clothing with a strong magnetic clip. You can control Moxie with the included wireless remote control or the We-Vibe app which can power the vibe from anywhere in the world.  We love that We-Vibe area always innovating new ways for couples to play together, and speaking for some of our plus sized staff, the idea that we can use our own clothing instead of “one size” included panties that actually don’t fit at all, is a revelation.


The Velvet Mini Teddy Powerful Thrusting Silicone Dildo

2019 saw more thrusting toys than ever before hit the market but Teddy took the crown for its simplicity and power. This smaller, lighter update of the hugely popular Velvet Thruster line still managed to keep intense thrusting action while adding a strong suction cup to the base to give more play options. At 125 strokes per minute and with a 2.5 inch thrust, Teddy gets our staff vote for thruster of the year.


 Avant Pride Dildos and Butt Plugs by Blush Novelties



We can’t pick just one of these Avant Pride products because they are as individual as the flags they represent. Lovingly designed by the folks at Blush Novelties, these 9 silicone beauties each represent a different flag from the LGBTQ+ spectrum and come in an array of sizes and styles from realistic to non-phallic. We love that Blush went beyond the standard rainbow to give representation and respect to so many other groups and did it with such high quality, beautiful pleasure products.


Fetish Fantasy Hollow Squirting Strap-on Dildo with Balls

Betty’s staff gets excited by innovation, so these strap-ons were a huge hit. They combine a hollow strap-on with a squirting function that is fun and functional for any gender to wear. Perfect for anybody with erectile dysfunction, they can also be worn by a female partner for ejaculation play. Just fill the bulb on in the penis tip and then squeeze away when you want to shoot. The simple elastic harness makes it comfortable to wear and easy to wash as well.


Hot Octopuss Jett Vibrating Guybrator Penis Masturbator


Just when you thought there were no new ways for guys to masturbate, Hot Octopuss introduced the Jett penis vibrator and blew our minds. With two powerful bullets strapped on to either side of a penis ring, and a wired remote control, Jett can be used flaccid, erect, or anywhere in between, making it idea for anybody with erectile dysfunction. It can also be used completely hands-free with no need for thrusting or gripping, making it a great accessible toy. Hot Octopuss proved once again that vibrators are not just for the ladies and won us over with its unique sensations and ease of use.


Slow Sex by Bijoux Indiscrets

Encouraging couples to slow down, take their time, and indulge in intimacy and pleasure is something we can get behind 100%. The Slow Sex line is a collection of arousal, stimulation, and massage products designed to enhance foreplay on all your erogenous zones. From a gel made for fingering to a mouth spray made to increase saliva during oral sex, the Slow Sex line has all your bases covered. They also taste great and are travel sized for romantic getaways.


Em. Ex. Active Harness Wear Harnesses by Sportsheets

Our staff first laid eyes on these gorgeous brief harnesses at a trade show and right away we knew they would be a hit. Available in 3 different styles (Contour, Fit, or Silhouette), each is made with comfortable moisture wicking material and designed for all-day and night wear. Each includes a rubber o-ring for dildo stability, and 2 vibrator pockets so you can both get vibrations just where you want them.  We spoke to the models tasked with wearing these harnesses all day at the trade show booth and they raved about their comfort and fit.


Alpha Pro 7X P-MILKER Silicone Prostate Stimulator with Milking Bead

This Milker was an immediate staff favorite for anybody into prostate stimulation because of its power and design. Sure, there are a lot of vibrating prostate toys out there and many of them also offer stimulation to the perineum, but the addition of the milking bead on the end of this toy was the icing on the cake. That tiny bead rubs up and down right on the prostate for an amazing sensation. The wireless remote control also gave this toy huge points for accessibility and ease of use.