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Big Shot Vibrating Twirling Silicone Dildos Video Review

Join Betty's Manager while she shows off the Big Shot Vibrating Twirling Dildo. If you love lots of sensation and SIZE, these beauties are for you. Large, silicone dildos that vibrate, twirl, and are both harness compatible and remote controlled!

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today I am going to show you the Big Shot Rotating, Vibrating from Curve Novelties.

We just got these in, I am so impressed with this line of realistic dildos, first and foremost, because they're silicone. There aren't as many vibrating silicone dildos as you might want on the market. So I was really impressed. This has a really nice soft squishy silicone, nice and pliable so the tip is nice and squishy.

It's super realistic looking as well. See the nice frenulum there? It's harness compatible. You can put it in a harness this way, and it has a suction cup, but that's not the most exciting thing. I'm going to show you what that is. So it's also really easy to use. It was pretty intuitive. I took it right out of the box and was able to use it. It has a remote control and it came with the battery, which I love.

Okay. So this is a rechargeable, and I'll show you how that works in a minute, but for now I'm going to flip it over and on the bottom, I don't know if you can see that there's a little on button, so you're just going to hold that down. And then it's too bright in here to see it, but there is a red light that is showing. So now you're ready to go. The remote's ready to go as well.

And it rotates. So when you turn it on, it's going to start rotating. If you press the plus and minus the vibration in it is going to go up and up. And if you press the side to side buttons, it's going to give you different patterns of rotation. Pretty cool. Now I'm just going to press it again and turn it off. Did you notice how quiet that was here? Then I can turn on again.

That is the highest level of vibration. And even when it's kind of doing its thing, this is an impressively quiet product and then one click of the button and it's turned off again. Yeah, I'm really, really impressed by this.

It's not, it can't be super flexible. I mean, it's got that motor that has to go up through it for the vibration and for the rotation, but the outside is squishy. It just doesn't have a lot of bend this way. So this is the eight-inch version. It's seven inches of insertable length and it's about 1.5 inches across. It also comes in a nine-inch version, and you can get them with or without balls.

So I promised I would show you how the charging works, because it's actually a bit difficult to see. This is waterproof too, which is part of the reason why you have to kind of know where to charge it. So on the bottom, on the bottom of the balls, you're going to see it says DC, and then there's a little circle and that I'll put it in. There is actually a cut-off where it plugs in for charging. It's almost invisible, but that's what makes it waterproof. It just punctures the silicone and then it comes back out and then the silicone settles again, right?

So you can play with this in a harness. You can play with it in the tub. You can play with it in the shower. You can play with it on this suction cup. And that level, the rotation is going to be so much fun. I think you guys are really gonna enjoy it.

It also can be used vaginally or anally because it's silicone. You can get it really clean and it's not porous. So you don't have to worry about any germs kind of permeating the surface and making this an unsafe toy. So I'll show you up close again, and here is the cute little remote controls.

So this is the Big Shot. This is the eight-inch version with balls, silicone vibrating, rotating, and you can get it at Betty's.



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