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Blush Avant Pride Collection by Blush Video Review

Modern, stylish, and beautiful - meet Pride by Avant. These unique artisanal toys are crafted with care and with your pleasure in mind. Each represents its own expression of Pride and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Experience the collection up close in our video review


One of the things I fell in love with when I first saw this line was its Inclusiveness. There's so much more to the LGBTQ community than just the rainbow flag and Blush has really gone out of their way to truly represent so many different aspects of the community in their products, not just through putting the colors of the different flags on the products but also in the sizes and shapes that they've chosen and how to represent their line.

So, I'm just going to go through some of these. I've got four of them. There's actually nine altogether in the series so let's take a look at this one first.

Now this is actually called the P2 True Blue. It is of course the colors of the Trans Flag. I'll hold it really close. These are all a lovely silicone, extremely flexible with a fantastic suction cup on the bottom. You can see that it's really not a very big product but it still got some really lovely ridging here so that it's really great if you're going to be using it vaginally or if you're going to be using it anally or however you want to use this this beautiful toy.

It's also harness compatible. You can put a harness right there and have it in harness. I love that it's this kind of an unusual non phallic shape because I think that a lot of toys that are out there, they put the rainbow flag on something that's got a really phallic shape and it's so nice to have some kind of options.

The Blush Rainbow Flag insertable is also this exact same shape and exact same size and you can see it's rather small. It's six inches, 5.5 insertable and only one point four across.

Now we're going to move along. This is the next insertable, again a really demure size, although it does kind of give a lot more of a nod to a phallic shape, if you look really closely it does have ridging on there and it does have kind of the crown. Again, a really great suction cup. 

So, this is actually called the P3 Beauty and of course these are the colors of Lesbian Flag. A smaller kind of demurer dildo that you can put in a harness and use however you like. Again, that really wonderful silicone.

Now there's two other dildos in the series. There's one that is the Bear Flag and there is also a Bisexual one. The Bisexual one is taller than this one, also kind of phallic looking, and the Bear is a little bit shorter and very stout. Beautiful products. You can take a look at them on the website.

Now we're going to get into the butt plugs. So, this one is actually a smaller butt plug and it is called the P6 Beyond because this is of course the Genderqueer colors. I love that they've chosen to take some of their pride products and not just have them in traditional insertable.

So, this is a nice slender tapered with a nice flat base so that you can keep it in if you want to. Very flexible and again in a really body-safe silicone that makes it super easy to clean and to wear.

In the series there's also an Asexual one which is the same size and shape in the Asexual flag colors and then last but not least we have this one which is obviously like a much bigger butt plug very much not a beginner.

This is for an experienced player and we've got the colors of the Leather Pride. So, this is again super flexible but with that nice big base on it that's like perfect in an anal toy flexibility body safe and again you've got you've got your representation here in something that's different. There's also a Gender-fluid color in this shape.

I'll show you again the whole collection. They’re called Avant Pride. It's by Blush Novelties. We couldn't be more thrilled with this line of toys with the inclusiveness and the shapes and the colors and the flags and all done in this wonderful body-safe silicone that Blush is absolutely famous for. So, I couldn't recommend these more. We're so proud to carry them here at Betty's.



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