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Budget Vibrators for Beginners - 4 Great Choices by Blush Novelties

A good vibrator doesn't have to break the bank. Our Product Manager shows you 4 great body safe vibes by Blush Novelties, in different styles, that come in at $40 or under. 

Exposed Estelle Powerful 10 Function Bullet Vibrator - AVAILABLE HERE

Exposed Amelia Vibrator by Blush Novelties - AVAILABLE HERE

Aria Hue Waterproof Silicone G-Spot Vibrator - AVAILABLE HERE

Luxe Beau G-Spot Vibrator - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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Video Transcript:

Hey everybody its Carolyn. I'm the Product Manager from Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to show you a little array of some more affordable toys. They're all going to be $40 and under, they're all battery operated and they all come from Blush Novelties.

Now I know there's a lot of rechargeable toys out there there's a lot of luxury toys out there that are over $100 and a lot of them are absolutely wonderful but that doesn't mean that you can't find your absolute favorite toy for $40 and under. They're also a great way to start and learn what your body likes, what kind of shape, what you like in a toy. If you want to work up from there or you might find something that you absolutely adore and stick with it.

So, I'm gonna start with this little bullet. This is called Estelle and it is from the Exposed line. So, this little thing retails for just over $20 and it's made of ABS plastic. Now I know everyone goes on and on about silicone and silicone is absolutely wonderful, but a lot of the strongest bullets out there are actually made of ABS plastic. There's nothing to mute the rumble. That's why people like them; they tend to have a really strong vibration.

So, this little guy is just a one little click. There's a lot of power to it. It's not that quiet - that's the other thing about plastic though it's hard to make them quiet. They’ve even put some patterns in this, the whole thing is shaking in my hand. It's a powerful little thing and then hold it down and it's gonna turn off. So, great bullet you know and it's so affordable you could get a couple of them. You can use them with your partner. Plastic is also non-porous, it's also washable and body safe

Now I'm going to show you something that's really fun. This is called Amelia. Look at that, isn't that adorable it's a little bullet inside the outer butterfly which is just really cute, and it's attached by a wire to this little remote control. So, you click it and it's on and then you scroll up through the patterns. This is just a fun little thing. You could put it in your panties you lay it against a clitoris and it doesn't have a huge cord but it's enough that if you're in bed with your partner you can have a lot of fun with this. It's got the little feelers for a tickler and then it's got that nice curved shape that's gonna like fit right in there and rest against your clitoris and give you some fun.

So, this of course is also silicone so it's body safe you can wash it. Wipe it down. it's got the little bullet inside you can see and it's another really fun little battery-operated toy. This one goes for around the mid-30s, depending whether you can grab it on sale because sometimes we'll put them on sale. But, it's just a really fun toy and you can figure out whether you like that kind of clitoral stimulation, have a little bit of fun with your partner.

So now we're gonna move up a little bit and we're going to do an insertable toy. Now this is one from Blush’s Aria line. It's orange! There's not enough orange toys out there. I love different colored toys. As much as I like pink I do get tired of it in my toys. So, this is called the Hue G. You can see it's got a good bend to it. This is another battery-operated toy and what it’s also got is this fantastic g-spot curve to it on the end. So, if you don't like something hard because some of the more budget affordable g-spot toys are those very hard ABS plastic that's not comfortable for everybody. I mean I personally don't really like it. I would much rather use something soft like this. This has got some bend that gives you the exploration, but it is firm but, yet silicone coated on the tip so that's a very different feel.

Now this is a really simple push button operation. Hold it down and it's gonna start come on. It starts really low, you work your way up. It has a good Rumble going and then you get into the patterns. So that one is probably around the higher 30s and it comes in all these super fun colors so that's a really great insertable and really great g-spot.

Now the last one I'm going to show you is from the Blush Luxe line and this is called Beau. Now the reason I like this is again really really simple. This isn't small. You can see it's got a nod to the realism right with the tip and the shape of it a little bit; not just some veining. It's got a good girth that's got to be about 1.5 (inches) across and it's got a good chunk of insertable length to it as well. That's got to be a good 6 inches. Unfortunately this toy is no longer available.  However, Blush novelties still caries a full line of G-Spot Vibrators.



I mean, this thing comes in at $40 but it's not a dildo it's a vibrator and it's the simplest most traditional kind of vibrator. You just turn the base and the more you turn it the higher it gets. How simple is that. This is great for people who have problems with buttons, who have mobility issues and then you just crank it back down until it finally goes off. How simple is that and it takes two double-a batteries but it's not that heavy and it does have some bend to it.

Again, it's a silicone toy so this is a really nice affordable vibrating dildo. You could use it externally, you can use it internally. It's a really good multi-purpose, good quality, easy to use toy.

So, there you have it. You can buy a toy that costs two hundred dollars, you can buy one for under $40. It doesn't mean that they're not going to give you pleasure if they're affordable. And if rechargeable isn't something you want or you're just beginning, and you think battery-operated might just be easier or you don't have somewhere to recharge it that's discreet, battery-operated toys are still around they're still affordable and Blush makes some really great ones. So, come on to the site and check them out.

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