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Clitoral Suction Stimulators: The How, Why, and Oh My of These New Age Sex Toys

Clitoral Suction Stimulators came bursting onto the market about 5 years ago boasting unparalleled clitoral stimulation, plus a completely new and almost guaranteed way of not only reaching those sometimes-elusive orgasms but having multiple orgasms!

Backed by massive marketing campaigns from the two competing brands at the time, Satisfyer and Womanizer, sales went through the roof and rave reviews started rolling in from clitoris owners everywhere. This sent many sex toy manufacturers scrambling to come up with their own version of these orgasm inducing wonders, which led to dozens, if not hundreds, of these styles of toy on the market today.

If you’ve missed all the hype, let Betty break down for you how these clitoral suction stimulators work, why they’ve become so popular, and whether they’re worth all the excitement.


These stimulators work by sending rhythmic pulses of air directly onto the clitoris using an internal motor. By placing the hollow head of the stimulator over the clitoris, you are creating a suction which allow the air pulses to stimulate the clitoris. Because of this, they are uniquely clitoral toys, unlike vibrators which you can use anywhere on the body.


When we talk about suction in a toy like the Womanizer Liberty, it is a very different suction to a pussy or clitoris pump such as this Temptasia Beginner’s Pump. A pump creates a seal and you gradually increase the suction by allowing the motor or a hand pump to draw more and more air out of the cup. This helps to engorge the clitoris or labia, drawing blood to the surface and heightening arousal. A clitoral suction stimulator creates a seal with the hollow head, but it sends the air to your clitoris in an in and out fashion which stimulates rather than engorges. Think of it more like the feeling or oral sex.


Clitoral suction stimulators don’t use vibration to bring you to orgasm. Although some new models like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration have incorporated vibration as an extra feature, the original devices like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation or the Womanizer Classic use only pressure wave stimulation which you can dial up or down in intensity easily.


The easiest way to use one of these stimulators for the first time is laying down with easy access to your vulva. We also recommend you get the lay of the land in terms of the toy’s buttons and functions before you get started. These devices are generally quite powerful, and we recommend starting on the very lowest setting.

You will need to spread your labia apart in order to expose your clitoris and gently enclose the clitoris with the stimulation head. A little bit of lube around the rim of the head can help with the seal once the device is turned on.

Once you have your device in place and press the ‘on’ button, you can lay back and enjoy scrolling through the various levels of intensity. The device is easy to re-position or remove even when it is working, unlike a traditional suction pump.


The suction on these clitoral stimulators feels very different from the typical vibrator. First, the tip of your clitoris isn’t touching anything because it is nestled in the hollow cup at the tip of the device. Secondly, you are getting very targeted stimulation in just that one very small area, unlike vibrators where the vibrations can carry throughout your pelvis.

Having said that, the tip of your clitoris is like the tip of an iceberg, and by giving such intense stimulation to the head, you are sending stimulation down to the arms which are hidden underneath the surface. Some folks describe it like having a series of mini orgasms as the stimulation to the clitoris reaches deeper and deeper, leading to a final, intense climax.

We have also heard this kind of stimulation described as “orgasming despite yourself.” Essentially, the stimulation is so intense and targeted that your body can reach orgasm before your brain even gets on board with being aroused. For some, that kind of quick release is just what they want, while it can leave others feeling physically satiated but mentally unsatisfied.


All the clitoral suction stimulators on the market boast touch-free stimulation but this can sound a bit misleading. As we just described, you need to get the device in place over your clitoris and the head will be making a seal around it so there is contact in that respect. Every clitoris is a different shape and size too, so the sides of the stimulation head may also be touching the sides of your clitoris. What the makers are really referring to is that a clitoral suction stimulator’s effectiveness doesn’t rely on touching and moving your clitoris in the way that a traditional vibrator would be.


A clitoral suction stimulator can certainly deliver multiple orgasms but every body is different, so there is never a guarantee. The claim from companies like Womanizer is that the “touchless” stimulation means your clitoris won’t get overstimulated from direct contact like it could with a vibrator, so you can orgasm again and again.

While this is true in theory, suction devices are very intense in their own way. For some bodies, it is a feeling of small orgasms leading up to a big finale, for others, they can come again and again. It will depend a lot on your individual sensitivity and whether you feel like you want to continue with more stimulation after your first orgasm.


Any clitoral suction toy is going to work with basically the same technology. Choosing the right one is going to depend on what you want from your toy other than orgasms. If you are looking to travel, then you may want to consider the Satisfyer Traveler which has a magnetically locking lid to keep it as discreet as possible. If you enjoy using toys in the bath, you will want to make sure you choose a completely waterproof model like the Womanizer Classic.

If you’re buying your first pressure wave suction toy and you’re on a budget, then you could try the Satisfyer 2 Next Generation which is less expensive, and battery operated. Like any sex toy, the less expensive models are going to have fewer features and they are not going to be as quiet as the pricier models. The Womanizer Premium is the top of the line in terms of what it delivers: waterproof, silent, fully silicone, 12 intensity levels and touch activated control.

One other feature we love about clitoral suction stimulators is that they are easy to use if you have limited mobility in your hands or body. They require no thrusting or pressure applied on your part, so if you can get it into place against your clitoris, your work is essentially done apart from maybe keeping a gentle hand on the device to ensure it doesn’t fall off. The longer handled style of the Womanizer Premium is much easier to maneuver if you have these issues like arthritis in your hands, a bigger body, or other mobility issues.


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