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Free Sex Toy Giveaway Winners Announced.

The spring of 2020 was an unprecedented time in world history, with the global pandemic of covid-19 hitting full force and changing our lives. Sex toys may seem like a trivial thing when everything is so uncertain but Betty's Toy Box believes that sexual pleasure, and orgasms, are an essential part of overall mental and physical health. So, in the spirit of giving, we announced that we would be giving away free sex toys to the folks who needed them most. 

Here are the stories of our top 3 winners (published with permission):


"I recently had almost my entire reproductive system removed at 28 years old. I'm still struggling to find pleasure, and to love my body again. Intercourse has been a struggle, both emotionally and physically. I feel like I deserve a chance to reconnect with and love my body, so please consider me!"


"My wife and I are both Police Officers and ‘essential’ at this crazy time. We are lucky to have flexible schedules and rotate to be home with the kids as they are out of school. My wife is a hard worker, but a better wife and mother. She has been coming up with new ideas and projects for the kids during this time we are stuck at home. The kids haven’t complained at all because she has made this stressful time so fun for them by teaching them new skills, new games or fun projects along the way. Luckily they get their great attitudes from her!!! My wife deserves to feel special and enjoy some pleasure for herself which is why I am requesting this gift for her. The Zumio Clitoral stimulator looks interesting and the reviews make it sound amazing. I would love for her to get the opportunity to give it a ‘spin’. Thank you"


"I work on the front lines of COVID 19. My husband and I are both nurses and have been working tirelessly in a NYC hospital. We have been taking alternate shifts to care for our little ones at home. Our sex life has been scarce and could really use a "pick me up" thanks for understanding!"

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