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New York Toy Collective Archer & Pierre Packers Video Review

New York Toy Collective makes some of the best, most affordable packers on the market. Let us show you what we mean with our video review of the Archer and Pierre Packing Dildos. 

Hey everybody its Carolyn. I'm the manager from Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to show you two fantastic products from the New York Toy Collective and they’re packers so if you don't know what a packer is, I'm going to show you. This is the Pierre. This is uncut and this is Archer which has that nice little pronounced head.

Now New York Toy Collective have been doing packers for a very long time. They're some of the very best out there. I'm going to show you some of the details that you can look for if you want to invest in one of these and invest, I mean they're really not expensive as far as these things go. They retail for fifty dollars which is fantastic.

So first I'm going to show you this is Archer, and this is the cashew color which is their lightest. Now if I put it sideways like that you can really see the very pronounced head on it. Here I'll turn it this way because sometimes it's easier. You can see what's underneath it. You've got that lovely detailing and you've got even the wrinkles on the testicles.

Super realism on this and you can see as I'm touching it it's soft. It's meant as a packer This isn't necessarily a penetrative toy. It's not meant to be a dildo. This is for packing. What that means is you're going to put it in a harness or you're going to put it in a special pouch or underwear that allows you to look like you have a penis in your pants. You’re packing a penis. That's where it comes from so when you see Packers on the site, or you hear about them that's exactly what it is. It's for trans men but it's also for anybody who wants to do a better role play and who's curious.

They're a fantastic thing for trans men to use because especially if you have body dysmorphia it's so wonderful to be able to actually have the representation that you want in this kind of quality. This is what New York toyed Collective does so well. The people on their staff come from the spectrum of all kinds of genders and ages and expressions so this is their market. They know what they're doing.

So that is the beautiful Archer. It's silicone, flat back, so it's easy to be against your body as you're packing it.

And then this is Pierre which is really such a wonderful dildo because it's uncut. It is a packer but it's uncut. Now the foreskin doesn't come away. It has that very close to realistic look, but it's sealed here. It's not going to move. Again, you've got your flat back you've got all those beautiful realistic details that they're so good at. This is the caramel color which is the next color up, a little bit darker, but again that wonderful silky silicone. I think it's so great that they've done an uncut Packer to represent those people that feel like this is what their penis should look like. This is giving you an option for what you want to have.

Each of these comes in four colors and they're all the same sizes but four different colors and you can pick which one kind of feels the best to you. What feels right to you. What do you want to have?

So, there you go. This is the Pierre this is the Archer they're from New York Toy Collective and you can get them at Betty’s Toy Box.


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