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Nexus Banx and Lennox Hollow Silicone Dildos - Video Review

Join Betty's manager while she shows you Nexus Bank and Lennox, two fantastic new non-phallic dildos from the folks at Sportsheets. These silky smooth silicone beauties are hollow inside, they're strap-on harness compatible, and Lennox even vibrates!

 Check out these beauties at Betty's with the links below and view the whole Nexus line by clicking the image below. 
Nexus Banx 8 Inch Hollow Silicone Sheath Dildo - Navy 
Nexus Lennox 8 Inch Hollow Vibrating Silicone Sheath Dildo - Emerald

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today I'm bringing you the new dildos from the Nexus Collection from Sportsheets. Very excited about these.

So this is Banx, and this is Lennox. And as you can see, these are two pretty girthy, nonfat dildos. And I'm going to tell you all about them because there's more to these than meets the eye.

So, first we're going to take a look at Banx. So this is nine inches overall with eight inches of insertable length. And it's got quite the girth on it. It's got a two-inch girth. So it's got quite a lot around now. This is made of a silky smooth silicone, absolutely buttery to the touch and absolutely, just gorgeous to feel. It's a single pour, which means it's a firmer dildo. Okay. The tip is extremely firm, and it's got this really great tip on it.

So that's for G-spot or prostate stimulation, because this is non-porous body-safe silicone, you can really disinfect this between uses so you can use it for vaginal. You can use it for anal. It's also absolutely fantastic. And a harness. And this is where the exciting part comes in. It's actually a hollow dildo. So this has about a 1.5 inch width and it's hollow. Okay. And it's about 4.5 inches deep. So you can actually use this as a hollow strap-on if you have, you know, a penis is going to fit in there, you add some lubricant and then it can go in there. The silicone that's around it is going to be fairly thick. So honestly, you're not going to feel much, but if you have erectile dysfunction and you still want that feeling of being able to penetrate your partner, this is going to be really great.

So the O-ring for the harness would go here. This is going to go flush against your pelvis and you can put a penis in here, or as you can see, like I'm doing with my fingers, you could actually use it on your partner and kind of use this as like a hook, right? Use your fingers to actually have play with your partner in that way as well. So it's got that really flat base is going to sit flush against your pelvis. So there is no suction cup on this one. And like I said, it's a pretty thick silicone going in and the tip, the hollow stops right about there. You can feel it, right. So that is the Banx.

Now let me show you a Lennox because Lennox is everything the same as Banx, but it actually has vibration. So it has the same hollow entrance. It's also going to be heavier because there's a motor in the end. Okay. So again, it's really firm, really silky smooth silicone with that flat base. The difference is that right here on the bottom, you can see there's a tiny little button. You give that one press, can you hear the vibration? So 1, 2, 3 levels of power and it's got two different patterns. And then you press it again. And it's going to go back down to the bottom. So to turn it off, you just hold it down and it's going to go off.

All that rumble is coming right in the tip here, making a really great stimulation for your partner. And when I've got my fingers in there, I can actually feel it all the way down into the base. So if you're wearing this in a harness, you're going to be able to feel those vibrations as well. 'Cause this is a really powerful rumble. So again, it's a thicker dildo, right? At two inches. But if you want something thick that can possibly be used as a hollow, as a strap-on and then either with vibration or without vibration. These are fantastic.

And look at these colours, aren't they stunning. It's very important that you match your dildo to your shirt when you're doing videos as well. Just a little tip for you there. So these are from the Nexus Collection from Sportsheets. There's six altogether. These are the largest at eight insertable inches. There's also seven-inch and five inch-ones. But this beauty here, this one is Lennox. And he's the only one that has vibration.

So there you go. You can get the entire Nexus line at Betty's.


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