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Optimum Power Masturwand Vibrating Masturbator Video Review

 A vibrator for your penis! Explore a new, intense way to masturbate as the flexible wings encircle your penis with powerful vibrations and pulsating patters for unbelievable sensations. Betty's Manager Carolyn walks you through all the delights of this powerful wand. 

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn, I'm the manager of Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to show you the CalExotics Optimum Power Masturwand. We have something for all you penis owners out there.

This is the Masturwand, and I'm going to show you why it's so awesome. So, first of all, it's silicone and it's waterproof. You can use it in the tub. It's also rechargeable, which is absolutely fantastic. No batteries. You don't have to worry about any of that. It's really light and the handle's not too long, so it's not fumbling or awkward. And of course, then you really want to know about is how does it feel?

So, the way that it's made is these are super flexible and so it's going to fit most sizes. Um, the other thing I really like about it is on the other side, it's got this bulbous shape, so you can actually use both sides. It doesn't just always have to be a stroker that you're going to use this way. You can press this part against your perineum. The head's really flexible. So, you're going to have a lot of movement as well as this being flexible. So, it gives you a lot of options for holding it this way, that way. However, it's going to feel comfortable for you.

 Now, let me show you what this actually does. It's got seven different functions. You just hold down one button, easy peasy, turn it on. Look at that. That's the lowest function.

Okay, ready? You just press the same button faster, faster, and now watch this. Look at those patterns, right? That's amazing. And then you just hold it down to turn it off.

So, it's super easy to use. And what it's going to do too, is if you have a favorite setting you like to use all the time, when you turn it off and turn it back on again, it's going to go back to that same setting that you left it on.

So again, this is an absolutely fantastic item that just came in. Um, it is the CalExotics Optimum Power Masturwand, and you can get it at Betty's.


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