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Pack It Heavy & Pack It Lite Packing Dildos by Doc Johnson Video Review

Packers, or packing dildos, are becoming more mainstream as big manufacturers start creating their own specific designs. Introducing the Pack It Heavy and Pack It Lite Packing Dildos by Doc Johnson. Specifically designed for comfortable all-day wear, they fit perfectly in jockey shorts, jock straps, and packing shorts.

Pack It Heavy can be bought HERE

Pack It Lite can be bought HERE

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody it’s Carolyn. I'm the Product Manager from Betty's Toy Box and today I'm going to show you two packers that we have from Doc Johnson. I'm going to show you the Pack It Lite and the Pack It Heavy.

Now, I'm going to show you what they look like. These toys are very much made for packing and they're not, I don't think, conducive to playing. They're very very soft.

This is the Pack It Lite. This is the Pack It Heavy. Now, they do say 4.5 inches with four inches insertable on this one, 6 inches with a five-inch insertable on this one but here I'll show you. 

This is the Pack It Heavy. As much as this a fantastic packing dildo, really soft and comfortable to wear it against your skin, it almost feels like a stress ball so you're really not going to have much success if you're wanting to play with that. But if you want something comfortable to pack with to wear for, you know, a longer period of time, this is absolutely fantastic.

This is the lighter the cream color. It's got some really nice detailing there on the testicles. You see where it's got the nice veining all the way up the shaft. It's got the realistic crown on the end as well.

This is the medium tone one of the Pack It Lite and it also has the same beautiful veining detail. You can see the crown, the tip, the shaft, the testicles, they're a beautifully made toy. I just wanted to clarify that you're going to have a really hard time doing anything insertable with this. It’s very very soft.

So there you go we have the Pack It Lite and the Pack It Heavy. They're both from Doc Johnson and they're made of their proprietary realistic material which you keep in great shape by using a little bit of cornstarch or their own refresh powde

This is a thermoplastic rubber derivative that is their own proprietary blend but have a slightly kind of powdery smell to them and they do feel a little bit powdery as well but that's part of that ultra-realistic soft soft feel that they get in a toy. You can wash them - absolutely washable. You can use some toy cleaner. You can just use soap and water on them.

They're great for a really long-term wear. Flat on the back. So, there you go. We’ve got the Pack It Heavy, we have the Pack It Lite from Doc Johnson.

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