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Powercocks Ultra Realistic Vibrating Dildos Video Review

Looking for an ultra powerful but REALISTIC looking vibrating dildo? Powercocks are the perfect combination of body safe silicone, realistic veiny shafts in multiple sizes from the average to the LARGE, and a rechargeable vibration that will knock your socks off. They come in 4 realistic flesh tones and multiple sizes so you can find your perfect fit! Join Betty's manager for this video review. And to get your very own Powercock, visit the link below.

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Video Transcript 

Everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's, and I'm very excited. I always get very excited when I have a super cool new product to bring you guys. This time it is the Powercocks.

Now these are silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, vibrating, got all that. I love these. There's actually not that many silicone vibrating dildos that look this realistic on the market. So let's just take a deeper dive and I can show you some of the really great features of these products.

So there's actually eight different models. They come in six, seven or eight inches with some different shapes. So this is actually the six-inch, and this is the eight-inch. You can see quite a size difference there. So make sure you read your descriptions and know what you're getting into when you're choosing one of these, they're both fairly slim. But again, the length is pretty substantial in difference, right?

So let's go over some features. So this is a smaller one. This is the six-inch. And like I said, look at the realism on that. It's got all this detailing and veining. It's absolutely gorgeous. So the power is really simple. They've actually just got a button on the bottom that you press, and then the vibration starts, and already at the lowest level of vibration, you can really feel it coming all the way through to the tip here. So it goes 1, 2, 3, that's powerful.

And then 1, 2, 3, 4 levels of patterns, and then kind of hold it down and it turns off. So let's take a look at the larger one. I can show you some other features. Now this is what really impressed me. Look at this. They're super flexible. You know, obviously there's a motor through here, but I can't get over how they're even kind of squishy, right?

I mean, they're not super, super squishy. The tip is a little bit squishy. They're not going to be the same as, say, a dual-density dildo in terms of their softness or their squishiness, because you have to have a motor through here, but I'm super impressed by what you can do with this.

And again, like, look at all that lovely veining: same thing on the bottom.

It's got just this button that you're going to press and it's got the three levels, and then the four patterns of vibration. So these are actually waterproof. They're not going to be harness-compatible, 'cause this is going to get in the way of them actually being in a harness.

But they are rechargeable, and each one comes with its own cute storage bag, which is great, 'cause silicone picks up lint, right? So you can keep all the lint off of it. And this is something that you can never underestimate. It actually has the name of the product on the charging cord.

Come on. I mean, when you have a lot of toys, like maybe I do things get confusing. So to actually have the name on the charging cord is something that you can't really underestimate.

So let me show you again, the six- and the eight-inch of the Powercocks silicone dildos with rechargeable, waterproof, vibrating with super powerful motors.

The other thing I should mention too, you see how it's kind of flared at the bottom here, right? That means these are going to be okay for anal. So all of you anal aficionados, you are going to love these.

So there you go. These are the Powercocks dildos. They are brand new in, and you can get them at Betty's Toy Box.


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