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PPA Hollow Silicone Penis Extender with Jock Strap Video Review

Add length and girth to your package with this fun and functional silicone extender. Made of body safe, silky smooth silicone, this probe is hollow and comes with an easy-to-wear elastic harness. Perfect for anybody with erectile dysfunction, you can go all night with this probe. Join Betty's manager for an up close and personal look and get your very own at the link below 

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's. And today we are going to talk about the PPA with Jock Strap, from CalExotics.

Now it's not exactly a glamorous name, but this is actually a cool product. And I'm gonna show you how it works. So what this is is a hollow penis extender. Now we love our hollow penis extenders here at Betty's. They're great for anybody who wants to add some length, or some girth. And they're also really great for anybody who has any kind of a erectile dysfunction for whatever reason.

So let me go over a little bit about why I like this one so much. First off, it is silicone. So that means that it's not gonna harbour any kind of bacteria. It's gonna be really body safe for the giver and the receiver. It also means that if you wanted to use it for anal play, you don't have to worry about not being able to get bacteria off of this because it's non-porous.

So the other thing about it is it's super smooth. If you like that, it means a really easy glide for penetration. It just has that little bit of a ridge here. And lastly, it's hollow. So what you're looking at is three and a half inches inside of it that are hollow. So if I press there, that's where, so the rest of it is all a solid tip on the end.

That's why I really like this. If you're somebody who maybe can't get an erection, you can probably fit this because it's about, what is it? 1.5 across on the inside. And so, as long as your partner is okay with the fact that it's about under two inches on the outside, if that's not too girthy for you, then this is an actual, really solid hollow extender.

Now the jock strap part of it is really simple, it's basically elastic. Am I holding it the right way? There we go. So it's an elastic harness that looks like this. So, oh, I think I got it upside down. There we go. And what happens is you just take this, slide it in. So two of these straps, one of the straps is gonna go around your waist and then you can see why it's called jock strap, because the other two are gonna go around your legs.

But the great thing is, too, that it leaves that space there for your testicles. So for example, if I was gonna take a dildo and insert it in there, you can kind of see how your testicles are gonna be free and clear of all the straps. Um, you've got room where you're not gonna get hurt or pinched or anything like that. So there you go. This is the glamorously named PPE with Jock Strap.

Best way to use it, put some great lube on yourself. I really like Wicked Simply lubes. Hybrid is really long lasting and stays where you want it, because it's really thick. So you can put some of that on and slide yourself in. And then you've got this gorgeous silky silicone glide.

You can't really lose out for the price point on this. This is a really well made, really solid extender. And I really highly recommend it for anybody who wants to add a little bit of fun, or if you have erectile issues. So again, this is the PPA with Jock Strap, from CalExotic novelties, and you can get it at Betty's.


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