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Renegade Quad Vibrating Anal or Vaginal Beads Video Review

Quad is anal beads taken to another, orgasmic level. If you love that feel of anal beads, Quad is going to blow your mind with its deep, rumbling sensations and 10 functions of speed and vibration patterns. You can use them vaginally too, for intense stimulation that will thrill you. Join Betty's manager for a close up look at these impressively large beads and see how they work! You can get your very own Renegade Quad Beads at the link below. 


Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn. I'm the manager of Betty's. And today we are gonna look at this Renegade Quad Vibrating Beads.

Now, this is true to size. This is what they actually look like. So I think this is actually a really cool vibrator. And I think that, you know, obviously if you're gonna be using it anally, you need to be a slightly more experienced player, as you can see by the size.

But I think this has really great potential as a vaginal toy as well, just because of the size of it and the texture of it, I think it would feel really amazing. And also, it's super flexible, which makes it really fun, and it'll move with your body. And the vibrations on this are actually really, really great. So theoretically, the manufacturer says they're anally safe, and I would recommend them definitely for somebody who's more experienced in that, but vaginally as well, I think they could be really, really fun.

And the other thing that I really love about these is that they're silicone. So if you wanna experiment one way or the other, you can thoroughly wash them, disinfect them, and get them clean in between. They are non porous and waterproof and phthalate free, and all those wonderful things that come with being a silicone toy.

So let's take a look at how they work: also really simple. You just hold down the bottom button, and they're gonna start vibrating, and you can feel the vibration all the way up into the tip here. And then there's an up button and a down button, super simple. So up, you get four levels of power five, and then you get into patterns and you get another five different patterns that you can enjoy. And I mean, you know, you can feel them, the vibration goes through every single one of those balls.

So no matter how you're using them, you're gonna get a super duper amount of stimulation. And then if you wanna go back down, you can just hold that down and it's gonna turn off. So, like I said, these are waterproof and they're also rechargeable. So there's a tiny little pinhole on the back and you're just gonna pop that in there. And then you can plug it in anywhere that you would plug in to a USB port and that's how you're gonna recharge it.

As you can see, this has a good amount of insertable length, probably about five inches with the graduated balls, but it also has this really nice sturdy handle on it, which is gonna give you a lot of control, no matter how you hold it. I think that these have really great potential for a lot of different uses, because they vibrate all the way through, to use it against your skin or to tickle the perineum or breast nipples. It feels really, really good.

So there you have it. This is the Renegade Quad Vibrating Beads vibrator, and you can get it at Betty's.


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