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Tantus Magma Review by Voodoo Sex Magick

An explosion for the G-Spot! 

I love the Tantus Magma! It’s such a unique dildo. It doesn’t look or feel like anything else on the market! As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

It’s a two-toned glossy and matte black texture powerhouse. The drips along the shaft and the ridges on its head are incredibly stimulating.

When I use it, I feel every single drip and ridge. Each one touches a sensitive point and the sensations increase in intensity all the way till climax. Not recommended for texture beginners.

The Magma measures 7in. in length, 6.25in. in useable length, and has a base that makes it perfect for harness and anal play. I haven’t used this anally but, I would imagine the feelings would be even more intense and pleasurable for those that can handle it. 

Because this dildo is made of silicone, water-based lube is recommended. The Magma can be cleaned a variety of ways. It can be cleaned with soap and water or soaked in a 10% bleach/water solution to sanitize. If you have a dishwasher with a sanitize function, you can place the Magma on the top rack and run it thru a cycle (with no dishes of course!).

This has become one of my favorite and most used dildos, and has earned a place in my bedside dresser’s top drawer. 

About: Voodoo (Voodoo Sex Magick)

Voodoo is a stay-at-home parent with a passion for exploring healthy sexuality, inclusive sex education, body safe sex toys, self love, LGBTQI+ issues, social justice, and witchcraft. They hope to use their blog Voodoo Sex Magick as a means of building community and sharing knowledge. Pronouns are She/They.