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The Best Bang for Your Buck: Sex Toys That Won't Break the Bank

Here at Betty’s, we love a good bargain whenever we can get it. However, we also understand that finding a good deal can mean a risky gamble due to counterfeit toys, lower quality materials and phthalates in a highly unregulated industry.

Never fear, we’re here to bring you the best high-quality toys on the market that you can afford on a budget, whether it be a gift to someone or a treat for you

Bamboo 10 Speed Discreet Mini Vibrator

As you can tell, the Bamboo Mini looks more like a tube of lipstick than a typical vibrator, and that’s what makes it so great.  You’ll fall in love the silky smooth pleasure provides super sensual contact the moment it hits your skin. The unique design allows for great precision that can deliver pleasure where you want at the perfect speed for you.  What’s not to love about that?

Maia Porpora D3 Silicone 8 Inch Ribbed Dildo

Maia is known for making some of the best-reviewed dildos in the industry and it's now hard to see why. The high-grade silicone that this particular toy is made of feels buttery smooth against the skin. It's also one of our less phallic looking toys for anyone who prefers toys that don't look like the real thing. It has more to offer, but we'll just let you check it out for yourself.

Clitoral Hummer with 10-Functions

While this may be one of the smaller toys that we carry at Betty's, it shouldn't be overlooked. With 10 speeds to choose from and technology that recognizes where you let off, you don't have to worry about finding your perfect setting. Use it on the clit or turn it around for great g-spot vibrations. The power is yours!




Drive Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring by VeDO

Drive Silicone Cock RingWe didn't want to leave the men out of the fun here. Cock rings are one of the cheapest and most fun ways to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. The Drive is one of our more unique cock rings as not only does it vibrate, but its curvy tip is designed to press up against a woman’s clitoris, allowing both of you to have a great orgasm.





Fun Factory Bootie Small Silicone Anal Plug

This one goes all to all the anal lovers out there. While it may be on the smaller side for butt plugs (and look like one of the hats the Mad Hatter would have in Alice in Wonderland),  it’s perfect for those just starting out with anal. It’s unique curved top allows the toy to insert easily, while the bottom is wide enough to not get lodged. With it’s firm yet flexible silicone body, you can ride the waves of anal pleasure as long as you want with this plug.

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