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Slay Please Me and Excite Me Mini Vibrators by CalExotics Video Review

 Let Betty's Toy Box Manager Carolyn walk you through the features of the delightful Slay line of vibrators from CalExotics. Slay vibrators are your go-to for travel, foreplay, or intense targeted stimulation. Made of silky smooth silicone, with powerful motors and unique shapes, there is bound to be a perfect Slay vibrator just for you. 


Video Transcript

Hi it's Carolyn. I'm the manager at Betty's Toy Box and today I wanted to bring you a couple of cute little vibes from CalExotics that I'm really loving this year.

So, this is the Please Me and this is the Excite Me, and they're both from the Slay line from Cal Exotics. The reason I wanted to point them out to you guys is because I don't think enough people really know about that kind of middle ground between a tiny bullet vibrator and then a big standard sized vibrator and these kind of fit right in the middle, which has such a sweet spot, I think, for so many people.

Let me just show you some of the benefits. This is the Please Me, and you can see that it's got this perfect shape for holding. Your fingers can really fit on it and grip it. It's got the ridging on here. It's got 10 different functions and it's also waterproof. This is a really great vibe for taking in the bath.

The other thing that I really like about it is that it's a really silky silicone and it's rechargeable. So, this is a fantastic quality vibe, but it's smaller and easier to use. It also fits really easily into like your panties or in between two bodies while you're having sex. This is such a versatile little guy and it's super powerful as well.

Then you've got the Excite Me. Now, this one's really cool because it's got a flexible head. So, you can use it on a clitoris, so you can use it on a perineum or you can put it on your nipples. It's got the texture on here and then like a slight tip here. So, you've got some different shape to it. And this one again is waterproof and rechargeable.

So, there you have them. I'll show you up close again. This is the Slay line or two of them. There's more in the line. Each one has a different shape. They're all really powerful with 10 functions. It's from Cal Exotic Novelties and you can get it at Betty’s.


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