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  • Premium robot clitoral massager, the mind-blowing feel of a mouth, anytime you want it. Baci delivers two types of clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Clever, patent-pending micro robotics create the sensation of lips and tongue stroking and sucking, while a unique full-coverage design and smooth ridges provide rhythmic thrumming everywhere you need it. The pressure builds gradually towards an epic orgasmic release like nothing you’ve felt before.

    Lora DiCarlo is here to empower your path to pleasure.


      The clitoral mouth uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth and tongue lightly sucking and stroking over the glans clitoris, mimicking the focused attention of a talented partner.


      At the same time, the smooth ridges of the clitoral stimulator rest within the outer labia and provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris - above and below the surface.

      About Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators

      Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators are a type of clitoral stimulation that relies on pulsating waves of air hitting the clitoris. Instead of a standard vibrator that is pressed to the clitoris, an air pulsation product has a circular, hollow head that you put over the clitoris, surrounding it. The toy then pulses air onto the clitoris for an amazing sensation similar to oral sex. The power of the air pulsation often stimulates below the surface of the clitoris and into the arms deep within your body, leading to very intense, prolonged orgasms.



          • Material: Silicone
          • Power Source: Magnetic USB Charger
          • Functions: Pulsates and vibrates
          • Charging time: 2 hours
          • Use time: 1 hour
          • Color: Pink
          • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
          • Manufacturer: Lora DiCarlo
          • UPC:  850012598077
          • Additional Features: Waterproof, Body Safe, Phthalate Free
          • Included: Charging Cord, Storage Pouch - Made from recycled ocean plastic, User Guide, 1-year Warranty Card 


          • Stimulator Length: 2.4 Inches
          • Stimulator Width: 1.7 Inches
          • Mouth Length: .8 Inches
          • Mouth Width: .6 Inches

          Lora DiCarlo Baci Robotic Air Pulsation Oral Sex Clitoral Stimulator held in a person's hand
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