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Exsens Mint Mojito Flavored Warming Massage Oil 50ml

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  • EXSENS Mint Mojito Warming Intimate Massage¬†gel¬†will surely heat things up between the sheets! Created for¬†intimate foreplay¬†and¬†oral pleasure, our¬†vegan, paraben free¬†formula is¬†body safe¬†and¬†condom friendly. This refreshing cocktail of cool mint, tangy lime and a hint of sweetness offers a¬†gentle¬†warming¬†sensation when applied to intimate areas.


    • Volume: 4 oz
    • Flavor:¬†Mint Mojito
    • Scent:¬†Mint Mojito
    • Manufacturer:¬†Technic Laboratoire Kemesys
    • Brand:¬†EXSENS
    • UPC:¬†3760139882096
    • Safety:¬†Condom safe and body friendly.¬†No Petroleum-Based Ingredients
    • Additional Features:¬†Certified Vegan,¬†Paraben Free,¬†Phenoxyethanol Free,¬†Sugar Free,¬†Non-Staining,¬†No Bitter Aftertaste,¬†Fun Glow-in-the-Dark Strips on Bottle


    Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aroma (Flavor), Sodium Saccharin 


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