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Kegelbell Kegel Exercise Weight System

Betty's Expert Tips!

This product is made of Silicone - Read our Sex Toy Material Guide

What are Kegel Exercises and why they're Important

How to do Kegel Exercises

Don't forget the lube!

Betty's Dictionary of Sex Toy Terms

  • Think of it as a "Vagina Gym."¬†Eliminate leaks. Amplify your sex life. Achieve real squeeze. FIND YOUR PEAK

    Kegelbell was created by a female doctor, for women, to strengthen the pelvic floor to take back control of life. When the muscles of the pelvic floor (think vagina) are strong again, a wide range of benefits can come to life, from the return of natural lubrication to the improved sex drive that comes from the collective benefits of elimination of leakage, enhanced orgasm, and improved squeeze.

    66% of women have bladder leakage. These are common problems due to muscle weakness. Leakage goes away once the pelvic muscles are strong,

    Enjoy the miracle of childbirth! After you give birth, Kegelbell will get you into the best shape of your life.  Our customers are telling us they have new found strength and squeeze that they did not even have in their youth. 
    95% of Kegelbell customers surveyed said their orgasms intensified. 80% increased their sexual desire and 58% said they discovered the return of their natural lubrication!

    The kit includes:

    • 3 weights for fully customized workouts:¬† 30g¬† 60g¬† 120g
    • Two sized inserts for¬†the perfect fit:¬†Small 30mm/30g Large 35mm/40g
    • Detailed instruction booklet and storage bag

    The three weights and two insert bulbs combine to give you 8 to 16 training levels that go in 30-gram increments from 30 to 250 grams. 


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