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Liberator Doggy Ryder Sex Position Strap for Doggy Style

Betty's Expert Tips!

Don't forget the lube!

Betty's Dictionary of Sex Toy Terms

  • Take control for deeper penetration and an intense G-Spot stimulation. The Doggy Rider alleviates some of the pressure from your back that is normally needed to get the most out of this position, transferring the pressure to your guns. To saddle up with the Doggy Rider, simply wrap the strap around the hips of your partner as they wait for you on all fours. With each thrust of your hips, tug on the strap. Doggy-style is now a full-body expression of love, taking pressure off of your back and letting you go longer and harder. Padded with a plush microfiber leopard print, the Doggy Rider will bring out their animal side as it caresses their hips. Spice up your doggie style. Stay. Heel. Good Doggy.


    • Material:¬†Padded with black, plush microfiber
    • Color: Black
    • Manufacturer: Liberator
    • Additional Features:¬†made in the U.S.A


    • Overall Length: 45 Inches
    • Padded Portion Length: 15 Inches
    • Straps Length: 15 Inches each

    *THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA**  ** This item is made to order in the USA and under current conditions, there will be a delay of 15 business days until it ships **


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