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Naughty Knots

by Penguin


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For the millions of readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and the genre it ignited, or for anyone looking for a Valentine's Day gift or bachelorette gag, this illustrated gift book explores sensual knot-tying techniques with playful step-by-step illustrations.

The art of seduction and the craft of knot tying meet in Naughty Knots, a small illustrated bondage guide that provides more than 30 ways to get knotty in the bedroom. The book covers instructions for safely binding hands and feet, bondage methods incorporating furniture, sensual-looking decorative knots, and a classic burlesque rope routine. Illustrated without explicit nudity, the steps are as clear as a sailor's manual, although the knots have naughty new monikers (i.e., The Cat's Paw, a staple for fishermen, is employed for foot bondage and renamed The Pussy Foot).