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Sexy Night In Bath and Massage Bundle

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Betty's Expert Tips!

Don't forget the lube!

Betty's Dictionary of Sex Toy Terms

  • Everything you need for a sexy night in. Start out with a luxurious scented bath complete with a sexy pheromone massage candle lit to set the mood. The Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb has a vibrator hidden inside which is revealed as the crystals melt away and the Sex-a-licious massage candle gives off a delicious scent complete with pheromones to build the sexual tension.  Next, treat your lover to a relaxing massage using the roller ball massage glove, releasing the last of the day's tension and preparing for sexy fun ahead. Last but not least, drizzle the warm massage oil on their body for some delightfully sexy temperature play and slippery fun. 

    Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb with Hidden Vibrator

    Roller Balls Massager Massage Glove

    Sex-A-Licious Pheromone Massage Candle - Raspberry Scent

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