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#1 Bestselling Magic Wand Vibrators - All 4 Styles Compared Video Review

Magic Wand (formerly Hitachi Magic Wand) is the #1 bestselling brand in the world and now there are 4 styles to choose from! Which style is right for your body? Join Betty's manager on a journey through all 4 styles of these magical pleasure toys and decide for yourself! You can get all 4 styles at Betty's Toy Box at the link below


Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's, and I am here with probably the most iconic sex toy in the world.

This is the Magic Wand Original, but did you know that there are actually four different kinds of Magic Wands? So if you are a diehard Magic Wand fan, and you're maybe thinking of upgrading, or if you're thinking of diving into your first Magic Wand, I'm gonna give you a quick synopsis so that you can kind of make up your mind and pick the perfect Magic Wand for your needs.

So like I said, this is the Magic Wand Original. This has been around for over 60 years. It is a plugin one. You can only play with it plugged in, and it has two levels of power, low and high. This has always been the same. It has a PVC head and a flexible neck. And like I said, it has to stay plugged in. This goes up to 6,000 RPM. This is a powerful device, which is why it's been so popular for so long. So how did they improve on this?

You might ask, well, what they did is they came out with the Magic Wand Plus, so they gave it a silicone head, which is non-porous and easier to clean. This is still a plugin wand. But the other thing they did is they upgraded the buttons, and they gave it more power. So this actually goes up to 6,300 RPM. This is also a plugin wand, but the plug does come out for storage purposes. You just can't play with it while it's unplugged. So there you go. This is the Plus. Slightly more powerful, fancier buttons, still a plugin, silicone on the head.
Now, what did they do next? Well, this was a big leap forward. This is the Magic Wand Rechargeable. So what they've done with this is you can see it's cordless, right? You can play with this plugged in or not. Which is a great feature. You get two and a half hours of play when it's fully charged. What they've done is it's got the same power as the plugin one. You just saw: four levels; they added patterns. So you've got patterns, and this goes up to 6,300 RPM as well.

So let's look back. This is the Plus, and this is the Rechargeable. So plug-in, not plug-in; patterns, no patterns. And then again, going back to the Original against the Rechargeable, well, you can see there's a slight size difference, but also silicone head vs PVC, head with more power, two functions, plug-in. But this is gonna be a lower price as well.

So what did they do next? This gets kind of exciting. This is the Magic Wand Mini. So what they've done is they shaved off 10 ounces of weight and still made it as powerful as the Magic Wand Original, but 3.5 inches smaller. It's also rechargeable. So it is completely cordless. And it's also really light. I haven't really talked about the weight yet. I'm gonna get into that in a second. So it has the same amount of power as the Original, except it starts lower so that you get more of an ease in. So it has those same buttons. And then 2, 3, 4 with the same lights, see the lights there. Let's show you where you're at.

Let's talk about weight. This is so light. When you have trouble holding things that are heavier,  this is gonna give you the same amount of power, plus that rechargeability. Otherwise just like the original Magic Wand, except the weight difference is gonna be fairly significant. Alright.

Now, if you wanna compare the Original, say, to the Plus: these two plugin ones. They're similar, the Original's bigger, but they're similar in weight. I would say probably the base of this one is a little bit lighter, but the top of this one's a bit heavier than the other one, but not too bad. When you're looking at the Plus against the Rechargeable, the Rechargeable is quite heavy, because obviously it has this big rechargeable battery in it. It has more power. It has a stronger motor. So out of all the ones, the rechargeable one is gonna be the heaviest as well, but it also has the most power.

So there you have it. Again, you've got the Original with PVC head and two functions and corded;  you have the Plus with silicone head, three functions, extra power cord; Rechargeable with heavier silicone head, 6,300 RPM, same as the Plus, and patterns. And then you have the baby, the Mini: significantly lighter, smaller, silicone, has four levels of power that are the same as the Original.

So there you go. That is all four Magic Wands. I hope that this helps you make a decision about what you might want, or to know the difference between all of them. I know it can get confusing. If you need more help, just give us a buzz on the live chat. We can always help you out, and you can get all four styles at Betty's.



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