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Betty’s List of the Top 5 Realistic Dildos

With more and  more sex toys entering the market every day, the choices can be truly mind-blowing. You can get toys that vibrate, ejaculate, simulate male or female orifices, heat, cool, and work your pelvic core. But, you know, sometimes there’s nothing like a good, old fashioned penis to get the job done. So, what’s a gal or guy to do when there’s just no real live specimen on the horizon? You get yourself a great realistic dildo, of course. Here are some of our bestsellers and some of the reasons why we here at Betty’s think they’re so great.

The Bartender Miguel 7” dildo by Average Joe

Ah, Miguel. Our number one bestseller at Betty’s and it’s no wonder. Topco’s Average Joe line was nothing short of a stroke of genius in the sex toy game. Miguel is just one of a bevy of realistic feeling, affordable, and reasonably sized dildos that make up this fantastic line of toys. The material is soft, and the dildos are satisfyingly veiny, with balls for that extra realistic touch and harness compatibility to spice things up. My only warning about Miguel and his counterparts is that if you’re used to a firm vibrator or dildo, these toys are pretty bendy. I would also confess that I have never met a suction cup on a dildo that could withstand it actually being used in some of the ways described on the packaging (shower walls, tables, chairs etc.). Still, the point of this line is to represent the variety in skin tones and penis shapes that you find in real guys and for this reason, I love these toys. If bartenders don’t do it for you, how about The Professor Charles, The Fitness Instructor Darnell, The Construction Worker Victor or The Lawyer Terrence.



Vixskin Realistic 6" Dildo Buck - Silicone Dildo

Sexy simplicity. Vixen creations has developed their own high grade material which contains silicone lubricant molecules that makes these dildos super flexible and  supple.No bells and whistles here. The suction cup is built into the base and you forego balls for the sake of good old fashioned penetrative power. The realistic curve is mean for targeting the g-spot during penetration in a way that some guys just can't. These beauties are harness compatible and satisfyingly veiny making them a fantastic realistic experience.


Uncut Emperor Brown 6.75 inch Dong

I honestly don’t understand why there aren’t more obviously uncut dildos out there because we certainly see a big demand for them.  The Uncut Emperor is a great toy that we sell a lot here at Betty’s and you can see why.  It has a really satisfying length and a filling 5.5 inch circumference plus a foreskin that actually pulls back to simulate the real thing. With the suction cup and harness compatibility, the Emperor is a fave in my own toy box. My only wish would be that they come out with even more variety in skin tone and shape because these are fantastic dildos.


The Musician Dwayne Heating and Vibrating Dildo by Average Joe

Dwayne is another great toy in the Average Joe line, but this lovely man actually heats up and vibrates. Made with the same flexible material as The Bartender Miguel, Dwayne takes about 10 minutes to heat up to a realistic temperature and then he will rock your world. If you don’t have a thing for musicians, you can try out his counterparts The Lifeguard Chad or The Detective Marco.


Real Feel Deluxe #3 7 Inch Realistic Vibrating Dildo

While the Real Feel Deluxe aren’t strictly traditional dildos due to the added vibration function, I can’t not include them in this round up. I love love love the feel of these toys. The fleshy material is soft and veiny, it heats to the touch and the vibration motor actually makes for a solid core that keeps it from bending and flopping if you feel like giving the suction cup function a workout. The tip of the penis and the balls are soft and spongy in just the right way and the vibration mode can be turned on with just a twist of the base. And the colors! There are no fancy names in this line of dildos, so they are numbered, with lower numbers being the more typical, manageable sizes and heading all the way up to 10+ which are for the more experienced or the more adventurous. Each number also has a different girth and skin color, so it’s worth shopping around and finding just the right fit for you.