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Betty’s List of the Top 5 Realistic Dildos

With more and  more sex toys entering the market every day, the choices can be truly mind-blowing. You can get toys that vibrate, ejaculate, simulate male or female orifices, heat, cool, and work your pelvic core. But, you know, sometimes there’s nothing like a good, old fashioned penis to get the job done. So, what’s a gal or guy to do when there’s just no real live specimen on the horizon? You get yourself a great realistic dildo, of course. Here are some of our bestsellers and some of the reasons why we here at Betty’s think they’re so great.

Au Naturel 6.5 Inch Sensa Feel Dildo - Vanilla

This #1 bestseller could be the perfect dildo. Not too big, not to small and curved to treat your g-spot or prostate just right.This Sensa feel® dildo is so soft you will never want to put it down. The Dual Density Sensa Feel® technology has a molecular structure that mimics the human body with a soft outer layer and a rigid core. The flexible spine makes this dildo posable and bends to your every curve.

Colours Dual Density 8 Inch Silicone Dildo with Balls - Milk Chocolate

Colours Dual Density is two layers of dreamy pleasures. Firm on the inside, soft on the outside. Strong suction cup, platinum grade silicone and suitable for all lubricants. just like real, but better. This dildo is harness compatible and can be boiled or bleached to completely disinfect it, making it ideal for anal play! This model is a bit long for the average user, but if you're using it in a harness you will love the extra maneuvering room you get without a lot of added unmanageable girth. 


Uncut Emperor Brown 6.75 inch Dong

I honestly don’t understand why there aren’t more obviously uncut dildos out there because we certainly see a big demand for them.  The Uncut Emperor is a great toy that we sell a lot here at Betty’s and you can see why.  It has a really satisfying length and a filling 5.5 inch circumference plus a foreskin that actually pulls back to simulate the real thing. With the suction cup and harness compatibility, the Emperor is a fave in my own toy box. My only wish would be that they come out with even more variety in skin tone and shape because these are fantastic dildos.


Loverboy The Soccer Champ Vibrating 8 Inch Dildo - Mocha

If you want some vibration in your dildos, this 8 inches realistic vibrating dong is equipped with an adjustable remote control. Measuring almost 2 inches thick this realistic vibrating dildo will fill you up plus it's harness compatible! 


Fleshstixxx 8 Inch Bendable Silicone Dildo with Balls - Chocolate

Large and in charge! This is a larger than average sized silicone dildo with ultra realistic skin tone, veins, a defined head and tight balls. Fleshstixxx dildos have an inner core of Silexpan, a thermo reactive new silicone gel material along with a silky outer silicone core. 

What does this mean? Fleshstixxx dildos will perform beyond your wildest fantasies

  • Heat it in the microwave up to 1 minute for heat play. 
  • Heating increases the dildo's flexibility
  • Place in cool running water for icy temperature play. 
  • Cooling will make the dildo increasingly firm
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