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Betty's Guide to the Most Powerful Vibrators

Not every vibrator is going to work for every person. Some women like a gentle, tickling kind of touch, while others are proud to call themselves Power Queens – the stronger the vibe, the more they love it. So, which vibes are sure to knock your socks off? Read on…

Magic Wand Original

There’s a reason why this personal massager is at the top of every list when it comes to POWER. It doesn’t recharge or run on batteries. You plug this baby in, which means you do have to deal with all that entails but the payoff is worth it. This wand has been around for over 30 years because it is a sturdy, trusty orgasm machine that will never conk out and leave you hanging. The bulbous head sits on a slim neck that does have a bit of flexibility and the two speeds will get you where you need to go… over and over. And if you crave penetration, there are handy attachments you can buy that will do just that.



We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibrator

We-Vibe is known to make some powerful toys and if you’re looking for something small yet mighty, look no further. Watch the video at the top of our product page and see how small it truly is. I have no idea how to pack to much punch into such a little package but some things are better left a mystery. For a top notch clitoral vibe that is portable and discreet, Tango is truly one-of-a-kind..

Envy Nine Vibrator by Jopen

If you prefer a more rabbit styled power vibe, look no further. The Envy line boasts the most powerful rechargeable vibrators on the market, while remaining as silent as can be. Envy Nine has dual motors – one for the shaft and one for the clitoral stimulator – and 7 functions plus incremental speed control. The unique thing about this super powerful vibe is the clitoral stimulator which is shaped like butterfly wings which hug the clitoris completely rather than the tickling feel of the classic rabbit ears. It’s intense, powerful and pretty much sure to hit all your hot spots.

We-Vibe Touch Clitoral Vibrator

This beautifully curved vibe fits right in the palm of your hand and hugs the clitoris for some pretty satisfying, power-packed play. Touch is whisper quiet and has 8 vibration modes plus it’s fully waterproof for tubby fun. The compact size makes it great for travel and discreet enough to hide away. With only 90 minutes of charge, you can play for two hours, and there’s even a low power indicator light so it won’t run out just when you need it most.

Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator

Made in England, this wand that has won rave reviews around the world and is taking North America by storm! The most powerful wand vibrator on the market, the Doxy gives you what the Magic Wand just can't - a deep, full bodied rumble, power like you have never felt before, and an array of intensities and pulsations that you can't find in another wand.

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