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What Are Rabbit Vibrators and Dual Stimulators?

Probably the most popular style of sex toy on the planet, rabbits feature an insertable shaft plus an external clitoral tickler, often in the shape of bunny ears. They also often also include a set of rotating beads in the shaft that are meant to stimulate the vaginal entrance for extra sensation.

Rabbit Pearl VibratorRabbit vibrators skyrocketed to fame in 1998 when Sex and The City featured the Rabbit Pearl by Vibratex but these versatile toys have been around much longer than you may think. The first animal themed toys with external ticklers debuted in 1983 as a way for Japanese manufacturers to get around regulations that prohibited the manufacturing of sex toys. The bright colors and animal themed protrusions were meant squeak the toys past the vibrator police.

Since those early days, rabbits have multiplied at an astounding rate. The original designs are still available but now many manufacturers have taken the idea of the rabbit – with its simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation – and added their own research and design to make the ultimate sex toy.

Enter the dual stimulators. The term dual stimulators sounds about as exciting as dust, but it’s really just a term for the evolution of the rabbit vibe. Dual stimulators have the same insertable shaft and outer clitoral stimulator but without the animal theme.

So, now that we know what they are, let’s see what these toys can do for you…

One thing that they all have in common is the double stimulation element, with an insertable shaft and an external clitoral stimulator. Some, like the Waterproof Wall Bangers Blue Dolphin take the animal theme to heart, giving a simple shaft and a clitoral nub with a pointed dolphin head that will tease and tickle as well as vibrate. Others, like the Lelo Soraya Luxury Vibrator take their dual stimulation very seriously with sleek design, beautiful silky silicone and an understated but powerful clitoral stimulator that will knock your socks off.

Another common feature of rabbit vibrators is rotating beads in the shaft that are meant to stimulate the vaginal opening. My First Jack Rabbit is a classic vibrator in this style, with the bunny ears and simple control buttons on the base. For another spin on the rotating bead style, try the Wild G Rabbit Vibrator which has more girth for a fuller feeling during penetration.

There are several differences between many traditional rabbit vibrators and the newer generation of dual stimulators. A primary one is materials. The majority of the traditional rabbit vibrators are made of porous TPR/TPE which gives them that clear, colorful look. The newer generations are being made of silicone, which is a tremendously body safe material which is non-porous and easy to keep squeaky clean. The Ina 2 Dual Action Luxury Rabbit Vibrator is a classic example of the newer style, with a sleek, bulbous clitoral stimulator, dual motors that are separately controlled, and a variety of vibration intensities and patterns that you only get from a top end vibrator.

Another wonderful newer feature is the focus not only on clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration but on targeted g-spot stimulation as well. The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is a classic example of that upwardly slanted, bulbous head on the insertable shaft while still embracing the traditional bunny ear look.

Now that you know what a rabbit can do for you, you’re ready to get shopping and don’t forget, you can always reach us through our live chat if you have any questions about the products you’re seeing.

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