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6 Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction by Ducky Doolittle

Looking to regain your swagger? Need a little help getting hard and staying hard? Explore these tools and proactive tips to help you get the most out of your body.

  1. Get Comfortable Talking About Your Body

Erectile issues are common, nevertheless it is natural to not want anyone to know you are struggling. We encourage you to have an honest conversation with your partner. It can be awkward at first but addressing the issue may draw the two of you closer. Together you can fact find and find solutions and experience joy as you find new ways to play.

  1. Find a Sex Positive Doctor

Issues with your erection are almost always a side effect of some other problem in your life. The number one element that has an impact on a sexual vitality is stress and fatigue. The next element that affects an erection is your physical health. Seeing a doctor when you are experiencing ED is always recommended.

A good doctor recognizes a healthy sex life has a positive impact on one’s whole health and is willing to have an honest conversation with you. Before your visit, assess the stress in your life, the medications you take, or the possibility of chronic illness like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. Also consider that the problem could be a combination of physical and psychological factors.

Write down your questions and be very honest with your doctor so they can help you tackle any underlying conditions related to your wellness.

  1. The Pros & Cons of ED Pills

You can try using a little blue pill like Viagra or Cialis. However, in most cases pills only treat the symptoms, not the underlying problem. Sometimes they bring good energy into your bedroom, other times they leave a partner feeling left out because they may feel like a pill caused your excitement rather than your undeniable attraction to them. Again, speaking honestly with your doctor and partner as you explore options is key to finding a solution that fits your needs.

  1. Try a Pleasure Product

Do not believe the myth that sex toys are not for men. There are several categories of items that are made just for these kinds of situations.

Cock rings are ideal if you can achieve a semi-erect state. We recommend working yourself up a bit, then using a ring like Performance Silicone Go Pro Cock Ring. Not only can cock rings give you stamina and help you maintain a firmer, longer lasting erection—they look sexy and create a deeper orgasm for you.You want to wear your ring at the base of your cock and balls. Stretch the ring wide open, slip your testicles through the ring, and then use your thumbs to maneuver your penis through the ring.

If the idea of squeezing yourself into a cock ring is overwhelming for you, try the Performance Silicone 3 Snap Cock Strap. This stretchy silicone strap is an easy way to create more pressure and engorgement. Simply wrap it around your semi erect package. The adjustable snaps allow you to get in and out of the ring easily.

For more pleasurable sensations for yourself and your partner, try the VeDO Drive Vibrating Silicone Cock RingThis vibrating ring will drive sensations through both of your bodies!

  1. Explore Suction

Pumping brings healthy circulation, strengthens your pelvic muscles, and gives you more connection and control in your body.

You can also try a pump that engulfs your whole shaft, like the VX9 Advanced Auto Penis Enhancement System. Try slipping a stretchy cock ring ring around the bottom of the pump, pump until you feel engorged, and slip the cock ring down around the base of your penis and testicles. The cock ring will help you hold all that pressure you pumped in your shaft.

For the best pumping experience create a tight seal by trimming your hair and using a little lube between your skin and the pump. We also recommend you start slow and read the directions of the pump you purchase carefully. Each pump has various degrees of pressure from suction, it is important to understand the details of your pump.

  1. Move Your Hips

Sometimes you just want to have that feeling of being face-to-face with your lover while thrusting and stroking in all the familiar ways, but your penis just will not take you there.

In times like this we recommend using a Body Extensions Hollow Strap On. You slip into it like you would a jock strap, with two straps that fit under your butt cheeks. For an even more realistic hollow strap on experience for your lover, run the dildo under warm water to create warmth upon entry.

If you have a bigger body, check out the Everlaster Stud 6.5 Inch Hollow Strap On Dildo & Harness Set. This harness fits up to 69-inch hips and it is super adjustable.


Whatever the cause of your ED, be it stress, health or age, keeping playing and finding joy in ways that work for you. Use all the tools in your toolbox-- like your fingers, hands, mouth, and sex toys. Along the way be sure to give and receive plenty of non-sexual affection to keep your bonds strong.


Ducky DooLittle is the author of Sex with The Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered. Her press appearances include HBO's Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, Playboy TV, to name a few. And her Youtube videos have attracted more than 1.5 million views.

Note: Betty’s Toy Box does not contain medical advice. The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. The contents of this website are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice.

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