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What Are Ben Wa Balls and How To Orgasm With Them

Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls or Geisha balls – there are plenty of names for these weighted orbs. They have made a huge comeback lately as the ultimate accessory for doing your kegel exercises and tightening your PC (Pubococcygeus or pelvic floor) muscles but these balls were bringing women to orgasm long before kegel exercises and Fifty Shades of Grey.

What are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa balls were being used in the Far East as long ago as 500 AD – hollow orbs the size of marbles with weights inside that roll around within the casing. Women would insert weighted balls in their vaginas to increase the pleasure felt by their partners during penetration but, legend goes, they quickly learned the balls had the side effect of teasing a lady into raptures of orgasmic bliss as they gently vibrated inside her.

Fast forward 1500 years or so and the traditional Ben Wa ball has changed very little although there is now a staggering variety of colors, materials, and sizes that would surely mystify a Geisha. Still, the basic idea remains the same so if you want explore the erotic promises of Ben Wa balls here’s some tips, tricks, and models you may want to try.

What size should I get?


If you feel that your PC muscles are weak and you’re just starting out, think about getting a graduated set like the Luna Beads Kegel Exercisers by LELO. They have 4 sizes that you can combine and a handy harness that allows for easy insertion and extraction. It’s also an easy way to see if having these weighted balls gyrating inside your vagina works for you in an erotic sense without exhausting your muscles.




If you have stronger PC muscles and you’re looking for erotic affect, then you’re only limited by what you’re willing to try. Be Yours Gleam Stainless Steel Kegel Balls (pictured below) are more traditional in that there is no cord or harness to attach them. They roll around in the vagina, causing stimulation that draws blood to the area and increases arousal. If this style appeals to you, make sure they are marked stainless steel, since cheaper metallic coatings will deteriorate when exposed to the moist environment of the vagina. 



How do I insert Ben Wa Balls?

Start with some water based lubricant like Betty's favorite Sliquid H2O and insert them just like you would a tampon. If it feels uncomfortable, you probably don’t have them in far enough. Not a tampon user? Try lifting up one leg for easier access or, better yet, lay down on the bed.

How do I get them out?

If you’re using balls with a string or harness, just pull out slowly. If you’re using the harness-free variety, try bearing down as if you were having a bowel movement. Jumping up and down has been known to work, same with sneezing and coughing, or using some extra lubricant to help ease the way out.

How do I orgasm with ben wa balls?

Time and patience would be the short answer to this question. Historically, women would rock gently in a rocking chair letting the balls gently roll around, causing a slow build of stimulation and sexual arousal leading to a crashing orgasm. This method holds a real appeal for women who want to move away from motorized vibrators.

Many women enjoy wearing them around the house, giving a little extra spice to household chores and some even venture out to work or socialize with them in. Stronger PC muscles lead to stronger orgasms that are easier to achieve, so there are multiple benefits to wearing them as much as you can.

Some women say that they enjoy wearing them as a prelude to sex since the stimulation of the balls keeps them at a low thrum of arousal throughout the day until they can finally have sex. Others prefer to use them during sexual intercourse since the balls can stay in the vagina during penetration.

 Whichever method you try, Ben Wa balls are probably some of the oldest sex toys in the world, which means you have nothing to lose in trying them and only stronger pelvic floor muscles to gain. If you want to see our full collection of Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Exercisers



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