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Help Your Man Last Longer During Sex

The occasional quick fire can happen to any man but the anxiety it can cause is very real. Whether you’re trying to prevent a premature ending to your play time or trying to make it last all night, here are some great tips you can try to make it last.

1. Make the Foreplay Last

When men experience premature ejaculation, their next sexual encounters can be filled with anxiety that can affect their ability to get an erection. Lots of foreplay where he can relax and know that there is no rush can ease his performance anxiety.


2. Read His Signals and Take a Break

If penetration seems to be getting him too close, get him to pull out and use his fingers or mouth on you instead. It’s less stimulation for him but more direct stimulation for you. That can only be a good thing.

3. Change It Up

Switching positions often, using irregular thrusts, or switching from deep to shallow thrusting can all help him last longer. Take control and keep him on his toes, so to speak. On average, men can last longer in missionary and woman on top positions.

4. Try Some Toys


Pleaser Bullet with Silicone SleeveWhile many women can boast multiple orgasms, guys just aren’t as lucky. Add to that the fact that only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal penetration and things can get a bit tricky. Try introducing a vibrator into the mix and show him how much you love it on your nipples and clitoris, then let him bring you to orgasm before you get to penetration. You can also introduce a dildo into the mix to give your man a bit of a break. 


5. Put a Ring on It

Cock rings are more mainstream now than ever before and for good reason. A great fitting, adjustable ringSuper Soft C Ring will stop him from ejaculating too soon but don’t leave it on too long. More than 20 minutes is not recommended.

6. Use Condoms

This method is an oldie but a goodie. Pretty much any man will tell you that condoms make them less sensitive during penetrative sex.

Not all of these tips are for everyone... obviously.  Use the methods that work best for you and your partner. 

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