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A Complete Video Guide to Personal Lubricant

There are so many types of lube out there and everybody should have at least one in their toy box. Lubes increase comfort, arousal, and ease for both solo and couple time. But which one should you try and what are all the different kinds? Join Betty's manager and take a look at the world of personal lubricants. And, of course, if you see anything you like you can pick it up at the link below

Lubes in the Video in order of appearance.

Wicked Aqua Sensitive
Sliquid H2O
Wicked Hybrid Jelle
Sliquid Silk
Dame Alu
Good Clean Love
Swiss Navy Silicone
Exsens Coco Shea
Swiss Navy Salted Caramel


Hey, everybody. It's Carolyn. And today we are going to talk about personal lubricant.

Now, if you've never used lube, I shake my head because lube is one of the best things you can use when you're being intimate with a partner or yourself, whether you're using sex toys or not. It is absolutely wonderful. And I'm gonna show you some of the most common types of lube, what they kind of look like, and how they work, and when best to use them.

So I'm gonna get started with this Wicked Aqua, which is one of my favourites. It's a water-based lubricant. It has no glycerin, which I really like. Now, glycerin is one of those kind of controversial ingredients. If you are prone to vaginal yeast infections and you have sensitivities, you might want to steer away from glycerin in your lubricants. So this is a water based lube. It's got a bit of run to it, but it's super, super silky smooth and feels absolutely lovely.

I'm gonna wipe that off, and I'm gonna show you another really popular one, Sliquid H20, another water-based lube. Now, water-based is great because you can use it for pretty much everything, right? It gets along well with toys. It gets along well with most bodies, it gets along with condoms. That's a really important thing to know when you're choosing a lubricant. So it's kind of the workhorse of the lubricants, right? The drawback is that because it's water-based, your body can absorb it. So you might have to reapply it as you go. And it's also a bit of a runnier lubricant. It's not gonna stay put as much.

Now. This is one of my absolute favourite types as well as brands. It's a hybrid lubricant. What that means is it's a water-based lubricant, but they put a little bit of silicone in it. What that does is gives it more of a thickness. You can see when I was squirting this one out. Now this is actually Wicked Hybrid. This is a superstar. Look at this. It stays where you put it, right? It's got lots of cushion. It's completely neutral and gentle, and it feels absolutely amazing.

Now this is a thicker version of a hybrid, but all hybrids I think are complete superstars. This is Sliquid Silk Hybrid. Again, you've got a cloudier texture because of that bit of silicone that's in there, but this is a less viscous one, right? You've got extra cushion again, because it's got that silicone in it. It's also gonna be longer lasting. It's not gonna absorb into your skin as quickly as a water-based lubricant would. So hybrids, hybrids, hybrids, unsung heroes, absolutely love them.

Now, moving on up, we're gonna take a look at some specialty lubes that have some extra ingredients in them. Things like this, Alu by Dame, that has Aloe vera. So this can actually be used as a daily moisturizer. Same as something like this Good Clean Love, which is pH balanced.

These are actually formulated so that if you have vaginal dryness or discomfort, you can use them every day. Not only when you're having sex or playing with toys, just every day to kind of help create that bit of moisture, because not everybody creates a lot of natural lubrication.

And especially as we get older, when you hit perimenopause and menopause, then a lot of women experience almost no lubrication. It can be quite uncomfortable. So things like this that have things like Aloe vera and different extracts for extra moisturizing in them are absolutely fantastic. These are both also a water-based lubricant, so they're super gentle and they're gonna play well with all of your toys and with most bodies.

Okay, now we're going to take another step into silicone lubricants. This is a fantastic silicone lubricant. Now, the one thing you need to know about silicone lubricants is that they do not get along with silicone sex toys. Don't combine the two.

There are some exceptions. So if the manufacturer of your toy has specifically stated that it can be used with any kind of lubricant, go for it. Otherwise, no, don't do it because the silicone lube will break down a silicone sex toy.

Now, the one thing you should know when I was talking about how wonderful hybrids are, they have silicone in them, but it's a very tiny trace amount. So hybrid lubricants are fine. That's another reason why they're great.

Now a silicone lubricant, as you may imagine, is super slick, very runny. This does not absorb into the body. So this is what you're gonna want if you're having those marathon sessions. It's fantastic for anal. It gets along well with your condoms and with other toys that are not silicone. It doesn't go away. My hands are actually incredibly slippery from using the silicone lubes.

So this is what you're gonna want for anal or for masturbation. It's also great for penis masturbation, you know, anything where you want super slippery and for a really long time. Silicone lubes are more expensive, that's because silicone is incredibly expensive, especially since the pandemic. So that's an important thing to remember, but a little bit goes a really, really long way.

Then we're gonna do things like oil-based. So we have some oil-based lubricants at Betty's, things that have coconut in them, or there are a couple of masturbation creams. They're great. Check and see whether or not it says that it's okay. Like this one is for the vagina or for internal use, but no oil lubricant gets along with latex condoms. No, no, no. So any kind of oil-based lubricant, whether it's coconut or any of the other ones that we have, they do not get along with latex condoms.

So the same goes for any other oil, like Vaseline or olive oil, if you're going the natural route. Okay. So no condoms with oil-based lubes, but they're great for really long-term play. They're also great for massage.

And then, oh, this one's fun. You get something like this. So this is a realistic cum lube. Yep. What it is actually, is a hybrid: it's a silicone-water hybrid, but they've just formulated it to be more murky, much thicker. And it has that realistic look. This is really great for fun play. It's neutral, it's safe with condoms, it's safe with sex toys. They're great for squirting dildos. So that is what a realistic lube is all about. It's a hybrid of silicone and water.

And then of course you get into your flavoured lubes. Flavoured lubes have come so far. I mean, yes, you can still get watermelon and strawberry, but salted caramel, seriously, this tastes like something you should be pouring on your ice cream. There's kissable ones. There are ones that are based off of cocktails, like mojitos. They're sugar-free too, which is the other really great thing. They all have some kind of artificial sweeteners, so you don't have to worry about them being unhealthy for your vaginal flora, no sugar, just artificial sweeteners. And the flavours are stunning in many of them.

So there you have it, this is a rundown of the kind of lubes you can get. A couple of FAQs you always have are, are lubes edible? Yes, they are. Actually, we don't sell anything that you can't ingest or lick or kiss on a body. Lube is slippery: slippery in, slippery out is what we like to say. So inasmuch as you can ingest small quantities, your body can't absorb what's in them. So it's just gonna come right back out.

But other than that, I mean, we have all kinds of styles and flavours, and also sizes. So if you're not sure what you want, get a little bottle, try it out. What's the worst that can happen? You wanna move on to something else, but a little bottle of lube isn't gonna break the bank.

So there you have it. That is my lube 101, and I hope that you find something that you really, really like. All of the lubes that I mentioned are gonna be listed down below, so you can check them all out at Betty's.



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