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A-Play Expanding Vibrating Butt Plug Video Review

If you love a challenge, you're going to adore the A-Play Expander, the silicone butt plug that can both vibrate and expand while it's inside you! See them in action with Carolyn our resident Sex Toy Librarian!


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn. I am your sex toy librarian and I'm bringing you a really fun one today. If you love anal play, you are going to love this expanding butt plug from A-Play. Oh yeah, let's get into it.

First of all, remote control. Yay. You have to open it, and you have to put in your own triple A battery. It's not included. So, I've put one in here.

Let's just get straight to what this does. So, as you can see, this is a fairly substantial size plug, right? It’s got a bump in the middle, so it's got lots of texture. It has an oval base. It's completely firm. Now I'm going to show you a good reason why.

T the buttons are pretty intuitive. There are instructions in the package, but basically, you're going to hold down the power button. What this does, power button is now turned on.

This plug does two different things. It expands, but it also vibrates, and you can control both separately. So now I've turned on, that's the power and that's also going to control the expanding and contracting. And then the other little zigzaggy button is going to be in charge of the vibration.

So now that these are both lit, I have to do the same on the remote control. Hold down,
now it's lit. Hold down. Now it's lit. Okay, that means everything's talking to one another and you can go and do all the things. And I'm going to start out easier by doing the vibration, which is the little zigzagging.

It’s pretty quiet actually. I turned it on through the base. You don't have to use the remote. It'll work without it if you, you know, if you don't have, um, your batteries or whatever. Uh, so now I've turned on expansion.

It  has different speeds of expansion and contraction. And you can have that along with the vibration and you can control them separately. So, I'm turning up the vibration, which is really, the vibration is really, really quiet. I mean, obviously the, the expansion and contraction aren't, it's noisy. This is not a very discrete plug, although once it's inside you, you're not going to feel it as much. But, okay, so some different options for what's going on. This is a bit slower. I'm going to turn off the vibration cause its distracting.

Okay, so, now you've got a level of see where it's staying. And now I've released it. I can just release it with a touch of a button, which is nice. If it's too much, you can be like, Nope. Look at that. I think we should just spend the whole video playing with the, the remote and seeing what it'll do because this is,
intense, how big it gets.

So, imagine, you know, when this is inside you, you can be doing this, and you can have that like incredible feeling along with the vibration of this intense fullness. This is really, really an interesting plug.

And then I'm going to hold down that button and that's going to turn that off completely. See both the buttons on there are off, they're not talking anymore. And then you're going to do the same thing with these buttons. Make sure they're both held down and go off so that way you're not wasting your charge and you're not wasting your battery. And now you're all done.

Obviously, you're looking at an intermediate to advanced player, but this is such a different sensation. I mean, the plug itself is completely solid and then you get that expansion. So, if that's something that you've really been looking for, I think this will feel absolutely amazing

Now it comes with the charger, it comes with the remote, it comes with instructions on how to use it. And then you also get a little, bag you can store it in so that it doesn't get all dusty with silicone. Just wash it with, um, warm water and soap. Or you can use your favorite Foy cleaner.

But there you have it. This is A Play Expander, if you dare. And you can get it at any of the links below.

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