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Matrix Bling Booty Plugs with Sparkly Hearts - Video Review

Join Betty's manager for a close up look at these gorgeous booty plugs that are soft, textured, and ideal for playing alone or with a partner. They're also great for long term wear and for anal explores from beginner to expert! Oh, and they have beautiful heart shaped bling on the base as well! Get your very own Anal Adventures Matrix Booty Plugs  with the link below


Hey everybody, it's Carolyn from Betty's. Today we are talking about the Anal Adventures Matrix line, because who would not want their butt to look like this? Come on, how cute are these?

This is a new line from Blush whom we absolutely love. And so, we're going to talk about these little gem plugs because in the past, a lot of gem ended plugs have been made of metal. And that's not really everybody's jam, right? I mean, they're kind of unyielding.

These new plugs are soft. They're made of silicone, they have all kinds of great textures on them. And then they also have this beautiful little base. Now, the arm is super bendy. What that means is if you're the kind of person who wants to wear your plugs longer term, you can, it's going to be comfy.

I would call these intermediate plugs. They're not massive, but they're also not small. And once they're in, obviously the arm is really nice and tiny, but the actual fullness you're going to get from it is more for somebody who's a little more experienced with some anal play. So, let's take a look at some of the options here.

Here's my lovely model. This is the Bumped Bling plug. Now you can see this is a fairly large one but again, all the same bases and all the same narrowness here, but it's got all these bumps around the outside. You can see for insertion, that once it's in, it's going to really stay. And then you get that gorgeous look.

Then we've got the Wavy Bling, which has the more wavy outside to it, and they're all in this gorgeous metallicy kind of blue with the heart gem on the bottom.

And then this one is super textured. This is the swirling bling plug. Again, super flexible, but you've got the ridges for feel of it. You're going to have super texture.

If you're actually going to be using these when we remove it you're going to feel like every single ridge as it's going in, you can twist it and tease with it. It's going to feel wow, absolutely amazing.

I am completely thrilled with these really beautiful little bling plugs. I mean, the color, the iridescence of them, the body safe, really silky silicone, which means that, you know, disinfect them and you can use them over and over and over again if you're a lover of booty play. If you have a little bit experience or if you want to move to the next level in a really comfortable and non-intimidating way, these are phenomenal. These are the Anal Adventures Matrix Bling Plugs and you can get them at Betty’s.

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