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Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Penis Masturbator Video Review

Meet the world’s first Pleasure Air™ penis stroker, using the same amazing technology made famous in clitoris stimulation products like the Womanizer. Let Betty's manager walk you though a step by step explanation of this new technology and why you need to try it for yourself. 


Video Transcript

Hi everybody. It's Carolyn I'm the manager of Betty's and I have a big treat today because we're going to talk about the Arcwave Ion. This is a new penis stimulator. So, it works differently than anything else out there on the market. It's brought to you by Wow Tech and they're the makers of We-Vibe and Womanizer, so they really know what they're talking about and they have applied their air pulse stimulation to a stimulator for the penis.

Let me show you how this works, because I think it needs some explanation because it's so different. So, when you open the box, what you're going to find is this lovely case that looks like some kind of speaker. This is the charging and drying case. And I'll explain that to you in a minute. And this is what the Arcwave Ion looks like. I know, it’s something really different from what you're actually used to.

I'm going to try not to call it a stroker, although that's kind of habit, but in fact, you don't need to be stroking in order to use this. Let me tell you a little bit about what's behind the whole idea of it.  

I'm going to have my little purple friend here (shows purple dildo). This is the frenulum. Okay. When you're looking at the penis, this part here is super sensitive and it actually has these nerves. They're Pacinian receptors. They're super sensitive. And if you stimulate them, it feels amazing.

Now, obviously I don't have a penis, so I'm going by what the scientists are saying. And also, some firsthand accounts of people I know who have used this. So, this is what you're wanting to stimulate with this product.

If we pick it up and we look inside, you can actually see that little hole right there. That's where the air pulsation is going to come out. It's pulsing air onto this super sensitive part of the penis.

Now who should be using this? I measured. It's about three inches to get inside. I'd say you need to be able to have the frenulum here, be able to get in about three inches in order to have the frenulum stimulated. That's about an average sized penis when it's erect. It might not work for somebody who cannot get an erection because they don't think you'd be able to insert far enough.

If you have a larger penis, it would actually be fine because this is proprietary silicone that they've created. And it's got a whole bunch of stretch going on. This looks like it's solid (the top part) but it's not. The bottom is, but this part here is super stretchy. You can actually fit in if you're a bit larger.

This is all silicone (top part). This is ABS plastic (bottom part). And then the inside here, even the tip of the little air pulsation bit, that's all silicone as well. It's body safe. It's easy to clean. It's non-porous.

Now, the way that it works is the buttons are actually on the bottom. You're going to press the plus button and you're going to hear it started, but then it stopped because what they've done, they have a setting called Smart Silence, which means that you're only actually going to hear it when there's something touching the actual stimulator itself.

I'm taking my hand on and off the pad. So, if you are actually stroking with it, it's only going to activate when something is touching it. You can turn that off easy peasy. There's actually the little button right here. If you press that down, it's going to turn off the Smart Silence. And then you can hear that the whole thing is kicked off again.

I'm just going to turn that off so I can talk. There are eight levels of intensity, which is a lot. It gets a little loud. It's less noisy when you've actually got something, covering the hole. But on the whole, if you know somebody with a clitoris who has an air pulsation stimulator, this is noisier. It's because it's actually more powerful. The receptors need that extra power in order to really stimulate them.

This thing is like a mighty machine. So, that is how it works.

Now I'm just going to explain the case. This is the charging slash drying case. Two buttons, press it, open it up. A little box inside. Inside the little box you're going to get the charging port. You get a drying stick, which I'll explain to you, and you're going to get a sample of Pjur Arcwave Lube, which is fantastic because you do need lube with this.

The only reason I actually didn't do the inserting into this for you is because silicone dildo plus a silicone toy, it actually won't go anywhere. But if you lube it up, you can see that it would just slide right in. And you're just where you want to be.

So, the way that the case works is this tube right here is where the drying stick is going to go. It's got those beads in it like you'd get if you're buying new shoes or something like that. You can buy extra ones on the Arcwave website, but the sticks going to go in there. And then when you're ready to charge, all you do is this. The inserting hole goes over the stick, and then you close the case. And so, what that's going to do is it's actually going to dry this out way faster than it would normally.

And then the charging actually goes from the case into your USB rather than into the product itself. I'll show you. It's actually got, see if the magnetic charging port that goes into the magnetic charging base. They're so easy peasy.

How discreet is that? It looks like a speaker. Who is ever going to know what this is? It can stay right on your bedside or in your bathroom because it is 100% waterproof as well as being rechargeable. So, you can submerge this and then again, you're going to want to dry it out. So, the extra drying makes this even more wonderful.

So, there you have it. I know this has been kind of a long explanation, but I think that this product really deserved that kind of explanation because if you're a person who has maybe used a bunch of other products, you've tried the thrusting and you've tried the vibrating and things like that, then this is going to be something that you might really want to get into.

It's a little bit heavy, but if you do have some mobility issues this is something that you can just put in place and stay there. You don't have to thrust into it. The Smart Silence means that it will turn on and off if you do choose to thrust. And that's very familiar for a lot of people with a penis. What this is doing is it's really training you away from that tight fisted, thrusting motion that so many people rely on and letting you experience a different kind of pleasure, that is maybe coming from a different place. It is something that can be achieved maybe with a little more relaxation as well, rather than that, that fisting kind of motion that people are so familiar with. So here you have it, the Arcwave Ion. It's amazing, and you can get it a Betty’s.


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