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B-vibe Snug Plug Weighted Silicone Butt Plugs Video Review

Let gravity turn you on! Join Betty's Toy Box manager as she explains all about weighted long wear Snug Plug butt plugs by B-Vibe.

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Video Transcript

It's Carolyn, I'm the manager at Betty's. And today I want to talk about Snug Plug by B-Vibe.

This is something that maybe people don't really realize how it works. Now, if you're a little bit of a more experienced anal player, like maybe you've tried a couple of things and you know what you like the feel of, this might be something for you.

Some plugs are great for people who want to do extended play. You want to have something that you can put in and kind of keep there for a while.

I'm going to show you, I'm going to open it up. This is a Snug Plug. So, the way that it works, it's really easy to put in, because it's got this kind of shape to it.

Now this is a medium, don't be afraid. They do come smaller. This one is 114 grams of weight inside.

So Snug plugs, they have weight inside, these little bead weights, so that when you move, you can kind of feel them shifting around, but also, they have the weight so that it's going to pull on your anus, right?

It's going to pull on those muscles and it's going to give you that feeling of, you know, having to keep them in.

So, if you like that kind of stimulation around your rim and you like that feeling of fullness, this is going to be a great product for you.

They go all the way out to a really fairly large size, and they do go smaller than this as well.

It's very bendy, silky smooth silicone, and the base is very narrow. So that's going to fit really well within your cheeks and be very comfortable for extended wear as well.

I mean, that's the really great thing about this. If you want to keep something in there, it's going to be so incredibly comfortable, easy to use, easy to wash, waterproof, you know, body-safe material.

The weight, the jiggle, that's what a Snug Plug is all about. And if that interests you, it feels kind of cool. You can get it at Betty's.


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