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The Beginner's Guide to Penis Toys

What is the first thing you think of when you think sex toys you can use with a penis? I’m guessing most of you said Fleshlight, which has been a best-selling sex toy for about two decades now. What you may not know is that while there is more attention given to female-centered sex toys like rabbits and clitoral vibrators, there is now a wide assortment of sex toys available that will make any man happy.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed to be used during sex to restrict blood flow back out of the penis, making it appear larger, and helping men last longer during sex. There are two main variations from the standard cock ring:

A vibrating cock ring is designed to enhance the pleasure for both partners during sex. This is done by adding a motor or bullet to the cock ring that allows it to vibrate. One of the most basic models (and my personal favorite) is the Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrating Cock Ring. The silicone ring is very easy to put on and grips onto a man’s girth, while both parties can feel the intense vibrations.

A double cock ring consists of one ring that goes around the shaft and one ring to go around the testicles. Not only does this help the cock ring stay in place, it can prolong erection and delay ejaculation. Screaming O makes a good beginner double cock with the O Hare Rabbit Ring. Not only can does it feel smooth and comfortable, but it contains a vibrating bullet and bunny ears (hence the name) that will allow both parties to feel the pleasure together.

To avoid serious injuries with these toys, make sure to look for the outer diameter and inner diameter measurements along with the firmness of the material. You should also measure the girth of your penis to make sure that you get the right size the first time. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze into something too tight.


As the name suggests, these are toys designed to be used during masturbation. This category probably features the widest variety of toys. Apart from Fleshlights (which are their own subcategory and come in a stunning array of designs), there are options such as masturbation sleeves, pocket pussies, and life-size masturbators. In recent years, innovation has been the name of the game, with manufacturers creating a unique experience for users.

Masturbation Sleeves

These toys are tubes with openings on one or both ends into which you insert the penis. Most these toys are textured on the inside to enhance the stimulation you get through masturbation. A personal favourite has to be the TruSkyn Tru Stroke Ribbed Masturbation Sleeve. Not only is this toy body safe and soft to the touch, but the split design allows it to fit on almost any penis to give a unique, comfortable experience.

Pocket Pussies

A pocket pussy is very straightforward; these toys are designed to look and feel like a vagina. They are made from softer materials and can be stored more easily than many other sex toys (which is perfect if you want to use this toy more discreetly). There are also life-size masturbators available which take the pocket pussy and add it to an anatomically correct mold that looks more like realistic genitals. The Shots Toy Easy Rider is a great beginner option as it gives a body safe, realistic sensation and allows you adjust the suction level of the toy.

Unique Masturbators

Many masturbators simply do not fall into these categories. There are great new toys on the market like the Fifi No Mess masturbator which goes for a non-anatomical look, making it completely discreet. Its simple tube design and disposable inner lining, and soft fabric outer casing make it a great environmentally conscious choice.

Others, like the Hot Octopuss III, are powerful vibration machines designed to cradle the end of the penis and deliver heightened sensation. It can be used with or without an erection, making it wonderful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Just like with cock rings, look for the outer and inner diameters of any masturbator you want to purchase to make sure it will fit you.

Prostate Toys

Prostate massagers are meant to be inserted in the anus to massage the prostate, that particularly sensitive walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. With proper stimulation, men can achieve stimulation through prostate stimulation alone.

If you’re looking for something that vibrates, the Performance Prostimulator Vibrating Prostate Massager by Blush Novelties is a great option. It is small enough for beginners who have never tried these types of toys before, yet can give you powerful vibrations.


If you want something that doesn’t vibrate, Aneros has some of the best prostate massagers in the industry and has done the research and testing to back up this claim. The Prograsm Junior is the smallest of the Aneros collection that can help you get used to the feeling of something inside your butt and help you build up to larger toys if you want to go in that direction.


Penis Extensions and Pumps

Penis extensions and penis pumps are designed to make the penis bigger in length and girth.

A penis extension is meant to be worn on the penis and is put on before sex. These can either slip on the entire penis or wrap around it. The Ride On Penis Extension is a great option, particularly for men with erectile dysfunction. The stretchy ball strap helps to anchor the extension in place and keep it from slipping, but also allows the wearer to use it without a full erection.

A penis pump is meant or engorge the penis through a vacuum pressure system. These can also be used to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. BathMate HydroMax is built for comfort and with its soft ring opening, detailed user video tutorials, and quick release valve.

With any penis pump, look for a quick release to avoid any injuries by applying too much vacuum pressure. Materials are also important. You should ideally look for non-porous body safe materials such as silicone, glass, and metal. Stay safe and have fun fellas

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