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Betty’s 10 Weirdest Toys (And Why You Need to Try Them!)

With thousands of sex toy designs out there, you would think that manufacturers would be running out of unique ideas and ways to bring folks pleasure. Apparently not. 

At Betty’s, we never judge a book by its cover, (or a sex toy by its looks) and we absolutely LOVE IT when a toy performs and brings pleasure beyond all expectations. 

Here is Betty’s list of our top 10 fantastically weird and wonderful sex toys that have blown us away, and why you need to try them too!

Dame Eva II Hands-Free Silicone Clitoral Vibrator


At first glance Eva looks more like a little beetle with legs than a fantastic clitoral vibrator but the ingenious design of this vibe has made it a Betty’s bestseller for years. The legs are designed to snug up under your labia and hold the Eva in place on your clitoris for hands-free fun. Eva makes a fantastic couples vibrator because it is small and won’t get in the way of the action but you can use it for steamy solo sessions as well. 

Balldo: The World's First Ball Dildo


One look at Balldo and you’ll be left scratching your head but hear us out. This weird looking set of rings and slings allows you to harness your testicles for penetration. What?! Reviewers have raved over the experience of using the Balldo and the fact that it can be a great answer for folks with erectile dysfunction won us over. 

The Snail Silicone Waterproof Dual Stimulating Vibrator


Yes, we were skeptical. After all, there are thousands of rabbits and dual stimulators on the market so what’s one more? And why does it look so weird? Turns out the Snail is the equivalent of having 2 wand strength motors in constant contact both inside and out of your body for an intense experience that will vibrate you to your core. 

Lust Dual Rider Remote Control Humping Vibrator


It looks kind of like one of those lumbar support cushions gone wrong but the Lust Dual Rider is fantastic for anybody who loves that bump and grind. It’s powerful enough to use through your clothes if that turns you on and is simply fantastic for anybody with grip or mobility issues. The included remote control is just the icing on the cake!

Strap-On-Me Silicone Squirting Cum Dildo


Hooking a dildo up to a hose and syringe looks like a weird science experiment but makes for some seriously fun bedroom play. Fill it with fake cum lube and you can act out all kinds of wet and wild fantasies, plus it’s strap-on harness compatible for extra fun couple play. 

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Penis Stroker


It may look like a sea creature, but Manta puts a whole new spin on traditional penis masturbators. With a powerful Fun Factory motor inside, you experience everything from deep rumbling vibrations closer to the base, to teasing touches at the pointed tips. You also don’t have to be hard to use it, making it great for anybody with erectile difficulties.

Bumpher Textured Dildo Base for Harness Play


The Bumpher and its cousins the Shagger, B.Cush and Honeybunch may not make sense unless you’ve tried wearing a strap-on harness and dildo but believe us when we say they are ingenious. These spongy silicone bases are literally cushion for the pushin’ and protect the harness wearer from pelvic discomfort as they thrust. Their shapes are all designed to give the wearer’s clitoris a humping good time as well.

Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Double Ended Vibrator


Who thought to put a cone of shame on a tongue vibrator? It’s easy to look at this toy and wonder which way is up but the answer would be… both ways! The rounded end is a powerful insertable vibrator and the tongue end has a few options. Either remove the cone and enjoy the tongue OR use one of the 2 included cones which will create a suction seal for your nipples, clitoris or vulva. Once you have it in hand, the Ultimate Pleasure really isn’t complicated at all, with intuitive buttons and a suction quick release for safety. 

Tenga Egg Disposable Penis Masturbation Sleeves

Tenga Egg Disposable Penis Masturbation Sleeves


These sleeves are brilliant in their simplicity and using the egg shape as storage makes them the ultimate toy for discreet travel. What’s inside each egg is a super stretchy, textured masturbation sleeve and a sample foil of lubricant so you can have some extra special me time, then dispose of the evidence. The pattern on each egg casing represents a different pattern inside the egg so you can experiment and find your favorite.

Starsi Silicone Waterproof Vibrator


The beauty of Starsi isn’t that it’s incredibly discreet (which it is) or that it’s waterproof and made from body safe silicone (which it also is). Starsi is an incredibly versatile vibrator that also manages to look like something you can decorate your bathroom with. The curve of the body fits in your palm so you can cup it over genitals, breasts, caress it along the skin, or tuck it between two bodies. You’re also going to get incredibly different feeling vibrations whether you’re using the smiley face core or the pointed tips of the star. This little beauty has an incredibly adorable form along with thrilling function!

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