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Betty’s Top Sex Toy Picks Featured in Health Magazine

We at Betty’s were more than thrilled when Health Magazine asked us to contribute to their 9 Best Sex Toys to Use When You’re Masturbating website article, so we thought we would share the inside scoop on what goes into an article like that and how we make our picks.

Health Magazine is major publication, under the massive Time Life umbrella, so when they contacted us and said they wanted to talk sex toys, we were happy to take up the challenge. While sex toys may seem mainstream to some of us, surveys show only about 44% of American women have used one – that leaves half of the American female population between the ages of 18-60 sadly toy-less. That is a statistic we are determined to change.

Product Manager and resident sex toy expert Carolyn Eagle explains “Sex toys are about more than just having orgasms. They help with self-esteem and self-exploration, they let women explore their bodies without the pressure of pleasing a partner at the same time.

“A major publication like Health Magazine featuring masturbation and sex toys is a perfect fit. Orgasms are more than just pleasurable. They help keep the blood pumping throughout the vagina which helps keep those tissues supple and stretchy – something women in perimenopause really need – and the serotonin that is released by orgasms is an anti-depressant. These are just a couple of the many health benefits of orgasms. “

So, which toys got picked, and why? Here’s what Carolyn had to say…

Fin by Dame Products

This was a natural choice because it allows women to still experience that familiar 2 fingered clitoral rubbing technique that so many of us use to masturbate. The way Fin slips between your first two fingers is comfortable and easy to use but it is also fantastic for anybody with mobility issues like arthritis in their fingers. The loops help keep it in place and you can just touch it to your clitoris without any wrist or finger strain.

The Sola Sync Wand

This is a newer product but one that I really love for a few key reasons. It has that wonderful curve to the body which is different from other wands on the market. That key feature makes it easier to hold and maneuver since it kind of curves around your body and you can snug it in place on your clitoris without having to hold on. Then you can lay back and use the remote control instead of fiddling around for buttons on the wand itself. Lastly, it’s waterproof which is a huge selling point because most wands can’t go in the tub with you and I know so many women love to masturbate in the bath.  

Vixen Buck Realistic Dildo

I had to put a realistic dildo on my list because I feel like sometimes lists of sex toys for women focus too much on the clitoris and on vibration. Some women want that feeling of realism and fullness that you can only get from a great dildo and Vixen makes the best. They do a dual density silicone which means there’s a firmer inner core and a softer outside plus they have developed this unique material called Vixskin which incorporates silicone into the outer material of the dildo. What that means is that the material warms up to the body quickly and when you add some water based lube, you get this amazingly real feeling. Buck may be a bit too wide for some, at 2 inches across, but they have a full line of dildos in various sizes and colors, all with that same fantastic feel.

To read the full article, you can visit the website.