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Boundless Harnesses & Probes by CalExotics - Video Review

Betty's Manager reviews the Boundless line by CalExotics. Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, the Boundless line of harnesses and probes by CalExotics lets you play your way. They are designed for ultimate comfort and pleasure, with 3 harness styles and 6 different probes to let you explore and have fun.

Hey everybody. It's Carolyn I'm the manager of Betty's and no, I am not taking up ventriloquism. I wanted to show you up close and personal the new boundless line from Cal Exotics. So Boundless is a series of harnesses and probes. They come separately so you can mix and match according to what your needs are. So this is actually the four and a half inch probe.

We'll kind of turn here so you can see it a little bit. And it's being put into the corset harness. This is a small, medium size, and it's on my mannequin. There's actually quite a lot of elasticity and give still to this. So it's a corset style. And then you've got the harness straps that come down like this, and you can put them in your sexy thigh-high pantyhose, and then I'll show you the back. It's got that corset style as well with the thong. It's not a really slim thong that's really gonna bother you. It's a little more substantial, really super comfortable. The material's kind of like like a bathing suit material, like a really thin bathing suit material. So a lot of stretch and a lot of give.

So all the probes, like I said, they come separately, the harnesses come in a corset style. They come in a boxer, they come in a brief and so you can choose whatever you think is going to be the most comfortable for you. They have extra pockets inside, so you can put a little vibe in there. And then of course you can pick your own size of probe. So this is four and a half inches that would go all the way up to seven and some are ridged and some are smooth. So you can customize the experience that you're going to have.

They're all super affordable, really high quality. They come with a manufacturer's warranty. I think that Cal Exotics is really onto something with this line. I think it's going to be a really big, best seller.

So again, this is the boundless line and you can get it at Betty's

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