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Cervical Orgasms 101 by Cy Smash @Supersmashcache

The cervix is a highly underrated hot spot for people with vaginas. When touched the right way, it can lead to some of the most intense and deep orgasms.

Another great thing about cervix stimulation? It goes along a different nerve pathway than clitoral stimulation does. Whereas the clitoris connects to the pudendal nerve, the cervix connects to the pelvic nerve. You can pair massaging both areas to intensify orgasms — or massage the cervix for pleasure, even if there’s damage to the pudendal nerve.

Everybody is different, so cervix stimulation alone may be adequate to orgasm for some but not others. In either case, it’s worth exploring the possibilities!

For starters, don’t think of the cervix as merely the end of the vagina. Instead, it’s a tube-like and donut-like structure that hangs at the top. See the diagram below.

The key to stimulating the cervix is reaching the pockets (fornices) in front of or behind it, rather than ramming directly. Then, do smooth, short thrusts.

For some, it’s easy to do that with a penis or a straight dildo. A variety of reasons are possible:

  • The receptive partner is effortlessly relaxed.
  • Their vaginal canal is long.
  • Their cervix is narrow and mostly out-of-the-way.
  • Their fornices have ample room to fit a girthy insertable

For others, it takes a little more effort, practice, and good lube. Adding lubrication helps because if there’s excess friction, the inserted object may have a more challenging time going in deeply or smoothly enough.

Fingers can often massage the cervix by inserting all the way in, reaching behind the cervical os, and making a gentle “come hither” motion.

Don’t limit your movements — you can add variety by doing tiny twists, thrusts, or wrist swivels. Just keep the stimulation small, smooth, and consistent. You don’t want to move your fingers away from the cervix for too long when thrusting them in-and-out, for example.

Some may have a higher-set cervix or short fingers, making manual cervix massage difficult. It’s a good thing we have tools for that! Consider the Toy Two G-Spot Finger Extender for fingers, a dildo, or an insertable vibrator.

The best toys for experiencing cervical orgasms are generally:

  • Longer than the 5.5” average in insertable length
  • Gently curved or bulbous to direct pressure
    • S-curves or shallow C-curves are ideal.
  • On the firm side

The njoy Eleven and Le Wand Contour stainless steel dildos are perfect examples, as is the Le Wand Arch.

There are plenty of affordable options, too! It’s also worth noting that, for some users, a slimmer and more tapered dildo would work better. That’s especially true if they have a wide cervix or small fornices.

Affordable toys to consider here include:

Again, plenty of toys marketed for G-spot stimulation can also stimulate the cervix, if the curve is shallow enough to get all the way inside.

Remember also that the vaginal canal is not a set length, and the cervix can move out-of-the-way with upward pressure. That’s why hypothetically, a firm and targeted 3-inch finger could be enough cervix stimulation for some. A squishy dildo, in contrast, might need 8 inches of length to get at the right spot, depending on the design.

Similarly, a girthy or gently curved penis can stimulate the cervix, even without above-average length. Angling matters a lot here. Positions where the receptive partner’s knees are pulled to their chest are ideal. Think modified doggy-style and missionary with a pillow under their hips.

As with any other hot spot, there’s more than one way to play with the cervix pleasurably! To recap:

  • The cervix hangs at the top of the vagina.
  • Stimulate the structure from in front of or behind it
  • Deep penetration with gentle curving and short movements works best here.
  • Straight thrusting with a penis may work for some but not others.
    • There’s no shame in incorporating specialized tools for the task.

The more erogenous zones and techniques you add to your sexual repertoire, the more potentially bountiful your orgasms can get. While the cervix isn’t the only way to experience intense pleasure, it’s certainly a worthy one of exploring if you’re comfortable diving deep.

About the author, Cy Smash

Cy is a Detroit-based sex educator who has critiqued over 200 sex toys with brutal honesty! She has a biology and art degree, great for explaining anatomy and photographing her over $10,000 worth of body-safe insertable pervertibles.

Find more of her sex-positive content at or follow @supersmashcache on Twitter and Instagram.

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