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Clitoral and External Vibrators- A Video Tutorial

Clitoral and external vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys at Betty's Toy Box because they are versatile, and come in so many thrilling shapes and sizes. Join Betty's Toy Box manager while she guides you through some of the available styles and if you see anything you like, they are all named and linked below for easy shopping! 

 Aria Finger Wand Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Kit 

Slay Tickle Me External Palm Sized Vibrator – Pink 

Slay Pleaser External Palm Sized Vibrator – Teal 

Dame Pom Hand Held Flexible Vibrator – Jade 

Dame Kip Waterproof Lipstick Vibrator – Yellow

We-Vibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator - Cherry Red 

Fantasy For Her Silicone Warming Vibrating Fun Tongue 

Le Wand Deux Twin Motor Vibrator - Rose Gold 

Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable External Vibrator - Petrol Blue 

Zumio X Powerful Oscillating Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator – Purple 

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, it's Carolyn. I'm the manager at Betty's. And today we are going to talk about external vibrators.

Now, what does an external vibrator? Well, essentially it is a vibrator that is specifically made and shaped to be used on the outside of your body, not to be inserted into your body. So it could be something as simple as a bullet vibrator like this, or it can get pretty funky. And I'm going to show you some possibilities that we have here at Betty's that you might never have thought of before.

So I'm actually going to start with this little bullet, 'cause it's actually not that simple. This is the Aria Finger Wand from Blush Novelties, and it actually has a little finger hold that slips on top of a rechargeable bullet. So this is fantastic. It's taking a bullet to another level, and it's great to hang on to if you're going to glide it over the skin, or you're going to use it on the clitoris, the perineum, balls, testicles, nipples, wherever you want. This is a great little toy.

Then you can get into some really funky stuff like this. This is the Tulip by CalExotics. Turn it on and look at the vibrations on that. Right? So again, this is a vibrator that's not meant to be inserted in the body, but you've got some cool possibilities here with your flexible little nubs, and your wings for tickling and teasing and all that kind of great stuff.

Then we're going to move along to the Slay PleaseMe. Again, this is a handheld vibrator that again, is going to hug the skin. It can hug the clitoris. You can caress it along the nipples. It's got all this great texturing, so you can see how companies are getting super innovative with these external vibrators beyond, you know, the simple bullets that used to be available on the market.

Speaking of innovation here, we have the Palm by Dame. Now this is fantastic because it actually bends, okay, this is a little bit of a higher end. It's got a slightly higher price point, but the reason is because the silicone is soft and squishy and smooth. It has an extra texture nub. It's rechargeable, it's waterproof. This is just a really lovely little toy and because of the shape of it, and because it has some squish to it, you can use it snugged up against the clitoris while you're having penetrative sex with your partner, right? So, or you can actually tuck it into panties and have it knocked up against your clitoris.  This is just a fantastic external toy.

And from the same company, you have the Kip, which is taking something like that traditional bullet and putting a different spin on it. Look at that. So again, you know, you've got this divot here that can hug your nipples or hug your clitoris, this actually vibrates. So the little tip will actually move when you turn it on. This is a super quiet vibe too. I love, love this one. Also waterproof.

Moving right along. This is something that might look familiar to some of you. This is a bullet vibe or lipstick vibe, but this is probably one of the most powerful on the market. This is the Tango X, and what they've done to make this one even more special is they've got silicone on the end here. So it's easier to grip. And then you have that lovely lipstick shape. So you can pinpoint with it, or you can caress with it. You could also slip this into a strap-on harness and have stimulation for the person who's wearing it. This is a powerhouse of an external vibrator.

Now we're going to get into the super funky stuff. So external vibrators look at this flickering. Tongues have been such a big trend over the last couple of years, and it's no wonder, you know, you've still got that external stimulation. It feels absolutely wonderful. You can use this on the clitoris. You can use it on the anus, and it gives you that lapping sensation that so many people like. This is a little less expensive than some of the other models that are out there. So if you want to try that kind of stimulation, this is from Fantasy For Her. So you could try something like that.

Now, if you're really, really dedicated to your external stimulation, um, then I would recommend something like the Low Wand. This is absolutely beautiful. And you have two motors that are gonna rumble. Both these heads, you can put them on the nipples, you can put them on the clitoris, you can put them anywhere really externally. And this is a super powerful toy. You don't have to worry about a charging cable because there's the charger right there. You can plug it into your computer. You don't have to worry about losing anything.

And now we're going to get into two of my absolute favorites for external stimulation. This is the Volta by Fun Factory. Now this is perfect for somebody who just really wants external stimulation. Fun Factory is a German luxury brand. They make fantastic products. So these are a higher price point, but they have a tremendous amount of power. And you can see how that is going to vibrate.

Look at that. And then it has some patterns like, honestly it feels just incredibly stunning. This is soft silicone. These are flexible on your skin, nipples, your neck. This is a really essential little toy that's great for foreplay, but also if you're a person who likes to climax just through clitoral stimulation, this is absolutely fantastic.

And then we're going to end with one of my absolute favorites, and this is the Zumio. I have an entire video just on this toy alone, but what it is is a stunningly powerful pinpoint precision elliptical rotation vibrator. So if you're somebody who likes really pinpoint stimulation on your clitoris, for example, if you want to use this for just masturbation and not just foreplay, because it feels amazing on the nipples as well. But for the clitoris, it has an elliptical rotation. So it's super quiet, but super powerful. And it leads to some very quick and very intense orgasms.

So these could not be more different from where we started to where we ended up, but they're all clitoral stimulators. Sometimes they're called bullets. Sometimes they're external stimulators. Sometimes they're external vibrators, or clitoral vibrators. It all means the same thing. So anything that's meant to stimulate outside of the body, that is what it is. And we have everything that you just saw here in this video, you can get them all at Betty's.


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