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Colours Dual Density Silicone Dildos Video Review

You won't believe how realistic these Dual Density Dildos look and feel. Join Betty's manager for an up close and personal look at these silicone beauties that are body safe, harness compatible, and have powerful suction cups. If you want your very own Colours Dual Density dildo, visit Betty's Toy Box at the link below. 

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. It's Carolyn from Betty's Toy Box. And today we're going to talk about the Colours Dual Density, ultra realistic dildo.

Now these became a fast favourite as soon as they arrived. And I'm going to show you why. So this is the vanilla, this is the chocolate, and this is the five-inch style. Now they come in a five. They also come in an eight, which is actually quite large. That's insertable inches. So if you're thinking, they look rather, you know, larger than what we're saying, they are, that would be why. So we've got the vanilla and the chocolate.

Now let me explain a little bit about what makes these so special. So dual density, it means that they've got a firmer inside within another pour of silicone on the outside. And these are 100% phthalate-free, latex-free silicone.

And they feel absolutely amazing. So take a closer look at this. It's got all these amazing veins and details on it with that ridge on it that you're going to feel when you're using it; a really realistic frenulum. And here's where the dual density comes in. It's super bendy, super flexible, but it also has that like amazing squish for that realistic feeling. See, when I pinch it, how realistic it's feeling, here's the other one as well. Look at all the details, all the things, right? These are absolutely beautiful.

Now they're harness compatible. You can put the ring of the harness between the suction cup and the body there, and they're not super heavy. So they're going to be a really great deal to play with in a harness. If you're going to use the larger ones, you want to have a really sturdy harness, cause they're quite hefty.

You can see it holds up really well as you're holding it. And it has that nice bend. Now, the other thing I'm going to show you is the suction cups on these are actually so strong. I had one on the table before I started this video and I had to restart it because I couldn't get it off the table.

So let's see what happens if I stick them together. Yeah. That's going to stay now. You've got a double. These are phenomenally powerful suction cups. You could actually make a double out of them. I don't even know if I can, if I break this suction, I can probably get them apart. There we go.

Yeah, so there we have it. This is the NS Novelties Colours Dual Density. I know it sounds like a mouthful, but if you like that kind of squishy feeling, you can't go wrong with these. There's also a beautiful caramel colour. So they've got these really realistic flesh tones. This is the five inch, five insertable inches, and you can get them at Betty's.



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